Lectro: Well, the votes this round were quite mixed, but Lily is eliminated by barely one vote!

Lily: Oh well. We had our run, Ruby.

Volt: *whispers* Be careful down there!

Lectro: What did you say, Volt?

Volt: Erm, nothing.


'(Lectro's Office)'

???: They're obviously onto us, Lectro.

Lectro: Well, boss, we can get rid of them so easily!

???: Don't call me boss. You know very well what my name is.

Lectro: Fine, I'll call you by your name.......Zario. 


(Harvesting Lab)

Lumoshi: So what's the plan?

Kurt: *shrugs*

Fyre: Hey guys, look! *pushes aside a clock, revealing a secret passage way*

Lumoshi: Well, that's convenient.

Takeo: Where does it lead too, fuckface?

(the team walks along the path for a while, but the path then splits in two.*

Fyre: OK, me and Lumoshi go one way, Takeo and Kurt go the other. 



Lectro: Guys, you might want to come out here and see this?

Data: What is i-

Mika Sho: Oh my god....

Jake: Predictable.

Alyssa: N-No...I-It can't be....

Alice: This....this is...

Volt: Not cool, man...

(Ella Metals' corpse is seen, with many bruises and other injuries.)

Lectro: Yes, once again another tragedy.

Data: Tragedy!?!?!? You wanted this to happen! All for some sick Reality TV Show!

Jake: I should have known Ella would be your next target. She would have the powers to hear your conversations with your boss and uncover his true identity.

Lectro: I-I...I idea....what...what you're talking about....

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