Data: W-What?.....Where am I?

Lectro: In my office.

Data: Oh, it's you. Y'know, I finally figured out why you're after me.

Lectro: And why would that be?

Data: Because you think that I replaced you.

Lectro: Well, you kinda did.

Data: Hey, it wasn't my fault! Don't blame me!

Lectro: Oh, well you think you're so cool, don't you? Dream Boy and Fyre had the right idea before they......changed.

Data: What do you mean by that?

Lectro: Nothing, just go meet up with the other idiots for the challenge. 


Lectro: Alright, for this challenge you will all have to draw a picture of Mayor Unten. The one with the best drawing gets eliminated!

Data: *smirks.*


(Everyone has started drawing except for Data and Jake.) 

Data: *whispers* So, you're still trying to get yourself eliminated, huh Jake? 

Jake: *whispers* Somewhat. And what about you.

Data: *whispers* Well, I have my own tricks.... * begins to transform*


Lily: Alright, I think I got it! What do you think? (shows picture to Alice)

Alice: Um, heh, I'm pretty sure that's Netnu....


Lectro: Well, it's time to submit your drawings!

  • Everyone submits their drawings. Data submits an official printed render of Unten.*

Lectro: H-How did you-

Data: Mad skillz, I guess.

Lectro: Fine. Data has immunity for winning this round.

Mika Sho: *whispers* I guess being part robot can come in handy at times, huh Data?

Data: Yup. 

Lectro: Well, time to vote for who you think should be eliminated!

  • Lily
  • Mika Sho
  • Jake
  • Alice
  • Alyssa
  • Ella Metals
  • Volt

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