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Lectro: Well, it looks like it was a close call between Mika Sho and Sketch, but the eliminated contestant was....

Sketch: It's probably Mika.

Lectro: Sketch!

Sketch: God damn it!


(Lectro’s Office)

Lectro: C’mon, Boss. Can’t we just do the merge now?

???: No.

Lectro: But their numbers have decreased majorly! Lily doesn’t even have a teammate!

???: You know what? Fine. It will be easier to catch them when they’re all in one place….


Lectro: So, I’m proud to announce that we will be merging again! I have talked to the boss thoroughly about it, especially do to the fact that Lily is the only member of the Yellow Team remaining.

Lily: Well, I still have Ruby.

Data: Wait wait wait. You said something about “the boss?”

Lectro: Er, no I didn't.


(Breakfast The Next Day)

Jake: …..I need to clarify something.

Volt: What is it, dude?

Jake: I didn’t kill Koloro.

Mika Sho: Then who did?

Jake: Well, it was me, but not willingly. Lectro threatened to trap everyone in the Lab and kill them if I didn’t abide by his rules.

Alice: Aw, that’s sweet!

Jake: Don’t take it personally. I wouldn’t be able to exact my plan without help from others.

Ella Metals: Of course.

Alyssa: B-But wait. Didn't Ella hear you talk to Lectro about it.

Jake: That was also Lectro's idea. He knew you would here, so he staged the whole thing. 

Lily: But why would Lectro make you do such a thing in the first place?

Jake: To cause drama. The same reason Rosa Yorkwich was left to die in the hospital?

Volt: To cause….drama? I don’t get it.

Jake: Did you not notice the cameras all over the building?

Data: Cut ‘em some slack, Jake. They were very well hidden.

Alice: So all of this is being….recorded?

Alyssa: B-But that’s an invasion of p-privacy!

Data: From what I could gather, Lectro sends the recordings to his boss, who apparently...."edits" the tapes?

Ella Metals: Why would you have to "edit" the truth?

Volt: Come on, Ella. It's what reality shows do all the time! .....wait, now that you think of it...

Jake: I think you just solved the mystery, Volt.

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