Lectro: And for this round, it looks like Flip was the designated eliminatee.

Volt: Phew!

Flip: Well, it was fun being here with you guys! Kind of. (Is escorted out by robots.)


(At the Harvesting Lab)

???: Put him in one of the tubes.


(Flip escapes from the robots' grasp, and uses a nearby crowbar to bust open the tube containing Speedy.) 

Speedy: Oh what  a fine chap you are! Thank you for freeing me! But.....I am too weak to fight.....

(Speedy dies in Flip's arms, causing Flip to go bonkers. Flip attacks the robots with the crowbar, but Purple stuffs Flip into one of the tubes.)


Fyre: I am going to kill you. 

Purple: Be quiet, you! Your time will come.


(Orange Team Residence)

Volt: Do you think Flip will be able to handle the robots?

Jake: Absolutely not.

Ella Metals: Wow, way to be a pessimist. 

Jake: Look, I need to concentrate on the mission right now. 

Ella Metals: As usual....


(Red Team Residence)

Alyssa: So, you're telling me I was brainwashed?

Alice: That seems to be the logical explanation. 

Mika: Yeah, but thanks to Jake and Data's machine, you're back to normal!

Alyssa: W-wait, why is Lectro after D-Data anyways?

Data: How am I supposed to know? 


(Yellow Team Residence)

Sketch: Gah, when is this whole conspiracy gonna blow over?

Rosa: It will only end once we find out how to stop that psychotic yellow cyborg.

Lily: Ruby thinks that we should try to contact Jake and Data to find out what's going on.

Kurt: *nods head in agreement*


Lily: ...R-Ruby's n-not imaginary.....;-;


(Harvesting Lab)

Bombell: Wait, I have an idea. *begins to slightly inflate and flash red*

Lumoshi: Don't do it, Bombell! You're gonna die!

(Bombell explodes, destroying the cell the group was trapped in but is now dead)

Fyre: We lost a great man-er, boo today......but his sacrifice will not be in vain!



Lectro: And it looks like todays activity is Rock Climbing! Whoever gets their team to the top of the mountain first wins! The last team to get to the top is up for elimination!


(Yellow Team tries to Rock Climb)

Rosa: Hah! We have the tallest, lankiest contestant on our team! We will totally win!

(Kurt is revealed to have not started climbing yet.) 

Rosa: What? What do you mean you're afraid? This is totally-

(The rock Rosa is holding onto crumbles, and she falls to the ground.) 

Lily: Rosa! Are you OK?


(Red Team tries to Rock Climb) 

Data: This should be easy. Just try not to burn anything, OK Mika? 

Mika Sho: OK!

Alyssa: Um, are you sure this is safe?

Alice: Totally!

Data: Alright guys, just follow my lead!


(Orange Team tries to Rock Climb)

Jake: Wait guys, I have a plan. Everyone move reeeeaally slloooowwwly. 

Volt: What are you trying to do? Get yourself eliminated?

Jake: That is precisely what I'm trying to do.


Lectro: Well, it looks like Red Team won this round, and neither of the other teams finished the race. So place your votes for the Orange or Yellow team members.

  • Jake
  • Volt
  • Ella Metals
  • Rosa Yorkwich
  • Sketch
  • Lily
  • Kurt

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