The Mystery of Fantendo Mansion is an upcoming TV series inspired by Dehydration's Grasp's Fandemonium 3. It focuses on 20 guests in a mansion owned by Lectro the Cyberhog, who pits them in a competition to see who gets to own the mansion.



20 Fantendo Characters arrive at a mansion owned by Lectro, who says that they all have to compete to own the mansion. The groups is split into two teams, but after the first elimination session Purple, Takeo Yumi, Bombell, Lumoshi, and Fyre go missing, causing the group to be divided again. Data is eliminated, only to find out that Lectro is capturing all the eliminated contestants for some evil plan to harvest their life force, and Purple is supposedly in on his plan. 

Things take a turn for the worst in Episode 6 as Jake locks the rest of his teammates in their Dorm Room and kills Koloro. Squav gets eliminated and he and Data try to escape, only for Squav to be taken away to get harvested. It is then revealed that Purple kidnapped Takeo, Fyre, Lumoshi, and Bombell, (most likely due to Lectro's orders,) due to their nature as (former) recolors. 

Alyssa goes missing for a while, but when she comes back her attitude has changed drastically, being aggressive and mocking others. Data returns in Episode 8, and it is revealed that he and Jake sabotaged the votes for that round, preventing anyone else from being eliminated. Lectro announces the groups have merged, and later that day Data turns Alyssa back to normal with some device that was most likely created by Jake. 

In a meeting with Lectro's supposed boss, Lectro reveals that everything was being filmed (other then the going-ons in the harvesting lab.) His boss demands that Lectro reverse the merge, splitting the group into three groups of four, and reveals that Alyssa had been mind controlled by Lectro's boss between episodes 7 and 9 for unknown reasons. Flip gets voted off and is sent to the Harvesting Lab, where he tries to free Speedy, but Speedy dies, angering Flip before Purple traps Flip in one of the tubes. Bombell helps free his cellmates at the cost of his life, and Rosa gets injured during one of the challenges. Jake hatches a plan to get himself eliminated and infiltrate the Lab, but it fails and Kurt gets eliminated instead, where he meets up with Fyre's crew. In the meantime, Rosa is hospitalized and later found to be dead by Jake and Lily. 

Lectro convinces his boss to let the teams be merged once again after the elimination of Sketch. Jake reveals that he was forced by Lectro to kill Koloro, and that his conversation with Lectro in his office had been staged, knowing that Ella Metals would find out. The group comes to the realization that Lectro had given the tapes to his unknown boss for him to edit and distort the events that had been happening, and release it as a reality show to soil the group's image.

The remaining contestants get closer and closer to exposing Lectro as the culprit. Purple is ordered by Zario, who was Lectro's boss all along, to kill Kurt, Takeo Yumi, and Lectro, and Data creates a plan to transer his conscious into Lectro's corpse. Lectro then gets the key to unlock the doors from Zario and frees the eliminated contestants.

All the surviving contestants are then sent away from the plane as Data then self-destructs the mansion, killing himself (and Zario) in the process.


"Guests" Of The Mansion

Character Description
A smart talking cyborg, Data is one of the major protagonists of the show. He is fun-loving but can be overly violent at times. 
Mika Sho FJR
Mika Sho
Mika Sho is a kind young girl with fire powers. She can be a bit daredevil-ish at times, but is very intelligent and tries to help the group solve the mysteries and figure out what exactly is going on at the mansion. 
Jake is the most analytical of the 20 guests, always quick to point out when something is out of the ordinary. He is also a skilled hacker. The only downside is that he cares little for human emotions so he comes across as kind of a dick. 
Squav 1
Squav is the leader of the Squavocadoes, but treats it mostly like a part time job. He is quite clumsy, but is decent at sword fighting and his favorite hobby is playing cards.
Takeo Yumi
An insane psychopath who speaks only in death threats, and spontaneously teleports from place to place at times. He also has a vendetta against Lectro for some unknown reason. 
Kurt is a lanky sack-like creature who is friendly towards others, but cannot talk due to him lacking a mouth. Thankfully, since he's a sack dude, he won't end up starving. 
Ella Metals By DK
Ella Metals
Ella Metals is a smart young girl and a good friend of Mika's. She can levitate and can move things with her mind. However, she can sometimes be a bit stubborn. 
Flip (AoW Style)
Flip the Frog
A frog who always wears a different hat every episode, and usually speaks in cheesy catchphrases. He is skilled at playing the banjo and has a snake friend named Cobby. 
A mysterious young boy who, like Takeo, despises Lectro, more so then the others. He has fire powers, which strikes a small bond between him and Mika. 
Sketch is a slightly arrogant painter, and believes that his paintings are the best mankind has ever seen. The others are quick to disagree though. 
Koloro is a girl who can be stubborn at times, but enjoys drawing and gets all giddy when she sees a rainbow. 
Lily Thingy
Lily is a cheery young princess who is friends with a sprite named Ruby. Nobody else can see Ruby, causing many people to think she is insane. 
New volt

Volt is a laidback dude, who can electricute things and tries to be the voice of reason in his team. 

Alice Harumi FRL
Alice Harumi
Alice is the ultimate optimist, which can sometimes be frustrating but Alice usually means well. Her favorite season is spring. 
Bombell LMDM Style
An overly excitable bomb boo, Bombell likes pulling pranks on people but can get a bit overreactive at times. 
Rosa Yorkwich GD
Rosa Yorkwich
Rosa is a master swordswoman and tries to motivate the team, but ends up being quite bossy a lot of the time. She prays daily that her sword fighting skills will come into use one day, but that wish ends up being fruitless in the end.
A stoic Koopa who usually spends his time away from the others. Most people don't know anything about him, and he prefers that things stay that way....
Lumoshi by Doh Windless
Lumoshi is a zany luma who is good at mathematics and is always watching old movies or listening to classical music. (Despite not having ears.) 
Alyssa is a timid young girl and is good friends with Alice Harumi. She doesn't have any special powers but is good at detective work, so I guess that's a thing. 

Other Characters

Character Description
Lectro the Cyberhog
An eccentric cyborg hedgehog who disappeared almost a year prior to the events of the show, only to return as the owner of Midnight Mansion. But why is he here? And what does he have in store for our heroes? 
The maniacal mastermind behind the events of the series, Zario used his plan for two purposes: To soil the images of Fantendo heroes and make him look good by comparison, and to drain the life force of the eliminated contestants. His plans were ultimately foiled by the last few contestants in the game. 

Elimination Chart

Character Still Competing Eliminated Dead
Alice Harumi Check small 13px-Red x.svg 13px-Red x.svg
Alyssa Check small 13px-Red x.svg 13px-Red x.svg
Bombell 13px-Red x.svg Check small Check small
Data 13px-Red x.svg 13px-Red x.svg Check small
Ella Metals 13px-Red x.svg 13px-Red x.svg Check small
Flip The Frog 13px-Red x.svg Check small 13px-Red x.svg
Fyre 13px-Red x.svg Check small 13px-Red x.svg
Jake Check small 13px-Red x.svg 13px-Red x.svg
Koloro 13px-Red x.svg 13px-Red x.svg Check small
Kurt 13px-Red x.svg Check small Check small
Lily 13px-Red x.svg Check small 13px-Red x.svg
Lumoshi 13px-Red x.svg Check small 13px-Red x.svg
Mika Sho Check small 13px-Red x.svg 13px-Red x.svg
Purple 13px-Red x.svg Check small Check small
Rosa Yorkwich 13px-Red x.svg 13px-Red x.svg Check small
Sketch 13px-Red x.svg Check small 13px-Red x.svg
Speedy 13px-Red x.svg Check small Check small
Squav 13px-Red x.svg Check small 13px-Red x.svg
Takeo Yumi 13px-Red x.svg Check small Check small
Volt Check small 13px-Red x.svg 13px-Red x.svg

Out of the 20 initial contestants, 11 of them - Alice Harumi, Alyssa, Mika Sho, Fyre, Volt, Jake, Lumoshi, Lily, Flip, Squav, and Sketch - survive to the end.

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