The Mystery is an episode of The Psychic Crew. It first aired on January 20, 2015.


Austyn is in his house, eating lunch with Lucina and Mario. There is a sandwich and a cupcake on each plate. The camera zooms in on Austyn and he opens his mouth and says... "Lucina, can I wear your mask?" She says no in reply, and the group continues to eat in silence. The camera zooms in on Austyn again and he says, "Why not?" Lucina says, "Sorry, Kirby's using it right now." A quick scene where Kirby is wearing the mask and looking in the mirror is shown. Then the camera goes back to the three friends. Austyn brings his hand down to his plate to pick up his cupcake, but it is no longer there. An aerial view of the house is shown after this, and a piercing scream is heard. The camera goes back to normal. Austyn gets up on the table and says, "WHO TOOK MY CUPCAKE?!". Everyone says no, and he eyes the other two suspiciously. He then says, "I will drop all charges... if you give me the mask." Lucina just gives Austyn a sarcastic gaze, and he finally sighs and says, "I swear to find out who took my cupcake!" He then puts on a trench coat and detective hat, and says, "Austyn Tennant is on the case!" He points at Mario and Lucina and says, "You shall be-ith my assistants!" They both just sigh but don't object. Next the scene shifts to Austyn using a magnifying glass to look at the floor of the AI Industries building, while Lucina and Mario are fighting GLADOS2 in the background. After GLADOS2 blows up, Austyn says, "The evidence points that way!" Lucina and Mario both collapse in the background. Next the scene is in the mountains, and Lucina and Mario are fighting Shadow the Hedgehog in the background while Austyn studies a rock with his magnifying glass. After a while Shadow is defeated and Austyn throws the rock off the mountain, yelling "YOU HAVE BEEN NO HELP!!". Next the scene shifts to Austyn sitting on the ground, and a blue telephone booth, the TARDIS, is seen in the background. Austyn is talking to himself quietly when the TARDIS begins to disappear. Austyn hears the noise and turns around, seeing the TARDIS disappear. Next Austyn is shown, alone, in his bedroom, crying. "Why, why did my cupcake go?! It was so young!", he says. He walks downstairs and Mario is laying down on the couch, and Lucina is drinking water at the table. Austyn, oblivious to Mario, sits on the couch. Mario yelps, but no one hears him. "What's wrong?" Lucina says. He replies, "I just wish I could find my cupcake..." Lucina walks over to him and sits on Mario next to him. Mario yelps again, but still nobody hears him. Lucina says, "Y'know, if you want a cupcake so bad, we could just go to the store and get another one." Austyn immediately brightens up and says "YEAH! LET'S DO IT!" The two get up and Mario sharply inhales. After the two leave the house, Mario starts cussing, but his mouth is blacked out and the words are beeped out. The credits then play afterward.


  • Austyn, Lucina and Mario are the first people to ever be seen in the series.
  • Lucina only appears in The Psychic if you buy DLC, yet she appears in the first episode of the TV show.
  • GLADOS2 is the first boss from the game to be seen in the TV show.
  • Austyn's last name is revealed to be Tennant.

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