Chapter 1: Who I am?

A boy wokes up on the middle of a street, a car is about crash on him... it looks the end for that boy. However, the car passes through the boy without crashing on him, the boy slowly turns white, then fully becomes a ghost, his name is Yurei. "My head hurts... what happen?" - Yurei said, he sees the street with people walking away and cars passing by, he tries to scream, but nobody hears him, "hehehe" - Yurei hears a strange voice close to him... He turns around and see Hiro, "Oh... a new ghost in Belair, welcome." - Hiro says, "What is going on? Wait a second you said... Ghost!?" - Yurei replied, "Yep, you are white, doesn't have mouth and have purple hands. Either that or I think you are wearing a halloween costume." - Hiro said. The world starts to change, weirdly, cars starts flying, people turned into chickens, the streets becoming lava... Yurei, confused asks to Hiro, "What is going on!?", Hiro replies "Welcome to Reazlia, where the ghosts lives.", Yurei screams "What!?", Hiro replies "Let me explain, every time that someone with the Pure Scent on their body, gain ghost powers. Every person or thingy that dies with the Pure Scent it is send to here Reazlia, only Scent Ghosts can get here. I will explain your abilities, on this boring tutorial chapter."

The player takes control of Yurei now.

So Hiro will say:

  1. "Press the WiiU DPAD to move." 
  2. "Good start, now press WiiU DPAD R and go to the door."
  3. "Press AbuttonWiiU to jump." Press A and go to the platform.
  4. "See that thingies flying over there?, press BbuttonWiiU to attack them." 
  5. "Good work. See that crystals over there? press XButton to get it and after it press Ybuttonwiiu to use your elemental power."

Now you completed the tutorial, Hiro will say "Well, you learn stuff very quick. Tommorow, you I will teach you, your Ghost Powers..."


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