This is a demo of the actual Mysterious Seven Project game. Check out the actual game here at Lapis Wiki

The Mysterious Seven Project is the eagerly awaited sequel to the Mysterious Five Project. This time around the team consists of Exotoro (tbc), PabloDePablo (tbc), MeGa eXal (tbc), SuperSonicDarkness (tbc), .vectorDestiny (tbc), GamingDylan (tbc), and Sr.Wario (tbc). They have been all hand-selected by Exotoro, the first confirmed member of the project and the creator of the "Mysterious X Project" series.


Playable Characters

Starting Characters

Image Name Description Franchise
InoriHD Inori Aizawa One of the main heroes of the last game, it's no surprise that Inori is back in action! She uses her shield and multiple tabs to attack multiple enemies at once.  IElogo
ChuckDHead Big Chuck D. Head Another main protagonist of the previous game, Chuck is a headless mummy who, at least in the Mysterious X Project series, is a faithful ally of Inori. He can throw skulls at opponents, and is able to stretch the face on his chest out forward. DecapAttackLogo
Dexterrender Dexter A young scientist who constructs several devices to use for his own good. But with his sister Dee Dee continuously asking, "Oooooh! What does THIS button do?" and destroying these machines, he struggles to avoid such disasters. (Also, he apparently seems to idolize the Roman god Neptune.) Anyway, Dexter uses most of his abilities from the previous game, such as lasers and a mecha; but this time, he can transform into Dexstar. Dexterlogo
Ironmann Iron Man Tony Stark is a multimillionaire business owner who turns out to have an extremely powerful robot suit. He has battled several villains in the past, such as the Mandarin, Whiplash, Dr. Doom, and Loki; however, back in M5P, he had to team up with Dexter to uncover the cause of the weird things happening in the multiverse. Iron Man can fly for short bursts of time, and can also shoot repulsor blasts and fire rockets. IronManLogo
EmmetLEGOMovie Emmet Emmet is an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average Lego minifigure, who is misinterpreted to be a Master Builder and the one who can save his world. After following a girl named Wyldstyle down a pit, he gets the Piece of Resistance attached to his back, and is thus sent plumetting into a wild journey. Emmet can build many objects using Lego bricks. SSB Lego
Spider-Girl Spidergirl In an alternate timeline, the daughter of Peter Parker, better known as Spiderman, inherited her father's amazing powers and took up the title of Spidergirl! May 'Mayday' Parker is a fairly average teenager, aside from the whole 'daughter of a superhero' thing. Her skills are very much like her father's, although she's a lot more nimble with more knockback. SpidermanLogo
X Y Serena Serena Serena is the newest Pokemon trainer who originates from the Kalos region. She uses Froakie, Meowstic, and Pyroar to attack. SSB Pokémon Series
Alpha Alpha's life on TOME was quite normal until he stumbled upon a little thing called The Forbidden Power. He uses the Forbidden Power to attack, as well as lightning bolts and a discus shield.  TOME
PacmanLAPIS4 Pac-Man waka waka motherfuckers. Pac-Man rises from his 8-bit grave to kick ass once again. He uses two different kinds of movesets, one being his classic 8-bit moveset and other being his modern one. On the classic moveset, he can use the powers from the original Pac-Man along with other moves based on other Namco games, on his modern moveset, he can use basic melee attacks plus attacks from Pac-Man World. SSB Pac-Man Series
StickBattleTheather Stick Stick was a mere drawing that came to life mysteriously one day. Stick uses a variety of weapons, such as: guns, bats, hammers, missiles, and more. He is a balanced character. Battle Theater
Pepsiman1 Pepsiman A mysterious fighter with clouded origins and only one goal - to deliver Pepsi to people all over the world. While he's rather floaty, Pepsiman has strong attacks and is extremely agile, and has access to his full arsenal of Pepsi-based weaponry. SSB Pepsi logo
MaxMii Mii Islander A resident of Tomodachi Island. This character can be customized using a Mii from your Mii Maker collection. They can use dreams, dance numbers, and minigames to attack. They're a very odd-ball bunch for sure! SSB Tomodachi
NecoArcM7P Neco-Arc Neco-Arc is a member of the NEKO Spirit race, originating from the Great Cat's Village. Neco-Arc is known as the biggest small-fry in the Cat Kingdom. Her movement, size, range and aesthetic are vastly different to other characters, which makes her irritating to fight against and for this reason she is generally disliked. Although many of her moves can be seen as useless, she's tough to fight against so use it to your advantage. SSB MeltyBlood
FlintLockwood Flint Lockwood Flint Lockwood is an inventor who dreams of creating amazing things that can change everyone's life, despite his career having been sort of a hit and miss. He can use "Rat-Birds", "Remote Control Television" and Spray on Shoes to attack, although the main part of his moveset is the FLDSMDFR, which attacks using food-themed weather. SSB CloudyWithAChanceofMeatballs

Secret Characters

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