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The Mysterious Mr. ?
Mr. ? is a mysterious character, hence the name.
Full Name The Mysterious Mr. ?
Current Age Infinity
Gender N/A, appears as male
Location Possibly Fantendo?
Current Status Sort of kind of alive
Class Immortal force
Main Weapon(s) Shadow energy, tarot cards, dice, ? walking stick, many other powers yet to be revealed
Element(s) Shadow, darkness
Vulnerable To  ?
First Appearance Nintendo Heroes: Saga of Darkness
Latest Appearance Fandemonium
Family and Relations
The Tall Thin Mysterious Mustachioed Man in a Purple Trench Coat and Top Hat Who Has a Sinister Air About Him, Walter O' Whimsy, infinite others
To quote Lewis Carroll: 'We're all mad here'.
The Mysterious Mr. ?

Honestly, I have to agree with JesseRoo, here. Why the hell am I so damn popular? I'm just a walking conglomeration of villain cliches thrown into one, mustachioed package! I mean, for God's sake, I was originally supposed to be this guy in disguise! Now I'm featured in practically every fan-fiction on this frickin' site. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.
The Mysterious Mr. ?, his own Fantendo page

The Mysterious Mr. ? (usually shortened as just Mr. ?) was Indi555's first fan character here on Fantendo. Though he originally served only as an excuse to throw together a bunch of Nintendo villains for no apparent reason, he has expanded into something far more. For some inexplicable reason he was catapulted to almost instant stardom and featured in almost every Fantendo crossover on the site, something that perplexes even him. His personallity varies greatly appearence to appearence, but he always retains enough of his signature flair to identify him.


Well, these things do happen. Well, I can’t very well sell a magic ring that isn’t magic. If you want you can keep it. Free of charge.
Walter O' Whimsy to Toby Daily, God's Attic

Ya see, I'm a one man hurricane. I just dart around, leaving chaos in my wake. I don't even know why I do it. I just do. The universe is just one big game, and a game is no fun if someone doesn't bend the rules a bit. Ya see, that's what I do. I bend the rules. I make an otherwise boring world interesting. All I have to do is rearrange a few playing pieces here or there. I mean, come on, what's the point of having Order if there isn't a little Chaos? Life would be a drag. Not that I'm actually alive, mind you.
The Mysterious Mr. ?, his Fantendo page

Mr. ? started out as simply a mysterious man wanting power, though as more of his nature has been revealed, we have learned that he truly desires nothing more than to spread as much chaos and discord as possible. Though at first glance he appears to be absolutely evil, a closer analysis of his character reveals that he trancends such mundane descriptors as 'good' or 'evil', even teaming up with established heroes several times. He simply allies himself with whomever will provide the greatest amount of chaos in the long run. His evil deeds are only one way this obsession manifests itself. However, he does not possess any morals whatsoever, and is a dangerous ally to have. Those who trust him tend to end up either dead, worse than dead, worse than worse than dead, or with their head poking out of their rear. Other times, he acts for no aparrent reason at all, simply doing whatever it is he does for the pure heck of it.

As to his actual behavior, it varies greatly appearence to appearence. Sometimes he is calm and composed, while other times he is crazy and loud. His methods for creating chaos vary as well. One thing that remains constant throughout most, though not all, of his appearences is a deep affinity for gambling and chance, as evidenced by his choice of weapons (cards and dice). He also sometimes carries a carnival or funhouse motif, while other times possessing more of a Leland Gaunt-esque manner. He can be very charming when he wants to be, and he alternates between a deathly serious villain (God's Attic) and more of a light, comic relief character (Fandemonium). He goes by many names, a prominent one being the name "Walter O' Whimsy".

While ? has been established as being the Devil within the canon of the Fantendoverse, the amount that this part of the character is refferenced tends to vary with the author who is currently writing the story. YoshiEgg's stories tend to heavily elaborate on this fact, with ? often pointing it out himself, while Indi555's stories tend to downplay the fact, often hinting at it and alluding to it, though rarely stating it flat out.

On a side note, The Mysterious Mr. ? is fully aware of his status as a fictional character, and is perfectly fine with the knowledge, often breaking the fourth wall.

Physical Appearance

Mr. Q
What, this getup? Yeah, I suppose it's a tad on the eccentric side, but then again, so am I.
The Mysterious Mr. ?

His appearance varies subtly from game to game, but it almost always follows a red-purple-orange-green color scheme. He most commonly wears a purple suit jacket with an orange tuxedo, a red bowtie, and red or green waistcoat, but sometimes there is no waistcoat. He often wears a long purple trenchcoat over his tux. He wears black tuxedo pants and orange Wario-style shoes. His posture was originally strikingly similar to that of Waluigi, but he has grown less Waluigi-like as time has gone on. He has a purple tophat with either a red, orange, or green band. The band sometimes has a golden skull on it with ruby glowing eyes, but not always. He has a Waluigi-style mustache as well. His face is never seen but his blood red eyes and yellow toothed smile are visible along with his mustache and pointy nose.

He originally has no chin, but in later appearances, he received the same chin as Waluigi, making him resemble Waluigi in WarioWare: Showing Off, excluding the different colors.

Weapons & Abilities

He is extremely swift and agile. In the boss battle of Nintendo Heroes: Saga of Darkness he has the abilities to fly with a propeller hidden in his hat, throw Bob-Ombs, And unleash a devastating energy blast after he is hit. He is invincible to all attacks and Samus must shoot a switch to cause his hat to short out, the resulting shock damaging him. He may not actually poses all these abilities though, as at the end the boss you fight is revealed to be a robot. The real ? can use dark energy, shooting shadow orbs and such, as well as telaport. He carries a black cane with a golden question mark on top, and the cane actually conceals a thin and deadly sharp blade. His gambling tendancies shine through with some of his weapons, which include a deck of playing cards which he can make fly through the air and attack, slicing through bone and flesh. He also has a pair of "Lucky Dice" which he rolls, resulting in a different attack depending on the sum of the dots on the dice.

  • 3-5: Dice explode
  • 6-8: Dice shoot out spikes
  • 9-10: Dice spew poison
  • 11-12: Dice shoot fire
  • Snake Eyes: Dice implode in a giant dark explosion causing great damage

In addition to his tricks and gadgets, which have become less common as he developed as a character, ?, being an immortal and infinite force, possesses the power to alter the universe in such a way to allow him to cause more chaos and discord, whether through attacks, manipulation of the world around him, or simple magic-like abilities.


Saga of Darkness

This is his first appearance. He gathers together some of Nintendo's most infamous villains together to form the League of Evil. He

Artwork for NH:SoD

resides in his own world called Dimension X. He steals several famous Nintendo landmarks to add to his dimension. When the heroes finally reach him it is revealed that he wants to destroy all the worlds and create his own. After the battle it is discovered that the Mr ? the heroes fought was a robot, and the game ends with Mr ? escaping into a portal, the heroes at his heels.

Welcome To The Fantendoverse

Mr.? is set to appear as a major villain in Welcome to the Fantendoverse. Along with Hades, he wants to destroy the Fantendoverse, though his motives are unclear at the moment.

Enter The Wasteland

The Mysterious Mr. ? is set to play a large villain role in Fantendo Wasteland, though it is not yet known what this will be.

Smashing Heroes

? appears as a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. DS. His moves are:

  • Standard: Deck Shuffle (Sends a stream of playing cards at his opponent)
  • Side: Shadow Fire (Shoots a purplish-black fireball)
  • Up: Strange Portal (Teleports upward)
  • Down: Roll of the Dice (Rolls a pair of dice, and the dice explode.)
  • Final Smash: Smash Ball Armor (Gains his Smash Ball Armor from Nintendo Heroes: Reign of Darkness)

Fantendo: Playing War

Mr. ? appears in the fan-fic as a main villain. In his first appearance in the fic, he sings a mysterious song (Hitchin' a Ride by Green Day, which is also his theme in the fic) and kills Nick. Later, Fantasma, using his black magic, sends Team Pokestrikers to ?'s lair. This chapter heavily elaborates his identity as the devil.

Fading Away

Mr. ? makes his next major appearence in YoshiEgg's current series, Deipotent. Here, he forms an uneasy alliance with Teardrop in order to uncover his fate, which is recorded in the Deipotent Tome. ? appeares in the Underworld to meet with Death, and he discovers that his powers are most likely fading due to the fact that his demise is near. He then sets out to alter his ultimate fate.

Other Appearences

Mr. ? has made several other appearences outside of the Fantendoverse, bleeding into some of Indi555's original fiction. The most prominent example is the story God's Attic, where ? appears as a sinister shop owner name Walter O' Whimsy. Here, he is presented in more of a serious light as opposed to the crazier, almost Joker-like ? known to most Fantendo users. 


  • Due to his resemblance to Waluigi, some fans speculated that it was him in disguise. The person who previously said this may be true should go die a a painful death.

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