Reviews created during the creation of The Mysterious Five Project. These reviews are meant to be more critical about the game in certain aspects.

In your pre-review, please list the following:

  1. Your feelings about the game;
  2. Your score, on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the worst, 10 being the best); and
  3. How you think the article can be improved.

locky's review

i say that this game is good because i'm working on it


Exotoro's review

Ok, technically I work on this game too but as project supervisor here's what I think we need to fix:

Series Icons. Not all characters have them and it's a bit messy that way.

But otherwise I'm really enjoying working on this project. There's this energy I haven't felt since working on Fighters of Lapis 3 and there's just all these great ideas coming from everyone; by the time this is finished I have the feeling it'll be a while before I want to work on the next one but it'll be something to look back at for sure.

Not giving a rating since I work on it but I really do enjoy working on this.

Some Help

So, I really like this and would be on a sequel team if I was allowed to, but for now, let's actually bring some helpful comments.

  • Game Modes are same same old basic FOL stuff.
  • The EShop description is super cheesy.
  • Same old characters(although less focused upon, which is nice).
  • Since it's a lot of different writers, the descriptions for characters and stages aren't very seamless. Some are "lol so wacky" and some are more serious.
  • Since there are a lot of characters that have to be added, a lot of the stuff is boring and old(basically making alternate versions or clones of characters to an obnoxious point)
  • Not enough items, assists, or enemies
  • Bosses are not elaborated on

I don't feel a score if appropriate for this. This is mainly just some suggestions. Pretty good game.

JrTroopaJr. Troopa

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