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One Day Outside Earth is an unlockable story mode in The Mysterious Five Project. It takes place in an alternate universe after the events of the first story mode. It is based on Homestuck, Dungeon and Dragons (the 80's cartoon) and the political campaigns.

STORY ARC 1: Jew Mother Skit

1.0 - Apartment 9986, Boston, USA

Inori and Chuck D. Head are just sitting on a couch and watching Mitt Romney's presidental campaign waiting for pizza. As they switch channel, they see that Captain Bubsy is drunk once again and he is messing around with the television. Chuck flips the fuck out and throws his head to the television breaking it. Chuck calms down and sees that a mail has arrived. He and Inori goes down stairs and gets the mail and finds a small package containing a VHS tape.

Chuck: VHS? Didn't they stopped doing those things since I died?
Inori: What?
Chuck: I think we should find a VHS player.

Chuck and Inori returns to the apartment to find money, they find it but the door suddenly closes and never opens again.

Inori: What the hell? What is this, some weird creepypasta shit?
Chuck: Looks like we gonna have to JUMP.

Chuck gets an insane idea and jumps out of the window along Inori. Both survive and now they are heading to the Scout Shako's Camp Thingies (VHS Players Included).

1.1 - JonTron Home, New York, USA

JonTron wakes up after sleeping for thousand of years. He meets with his sarcastic friend Jacques who reminds him that today is that day. Jon Tron celebrates THAT DAY, but he doesn't quite know what is it. He goes to his room, where it is filled with games.

JonTron: Did you see that? I told you. Those games come to my house during my sleep.

Those games are revealed to be alive and their system was changed by none other than Banjo & Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Disk who now wants to revenge. JonTron fights his way thourgh GameBot 1.0 and with the help of Jacques he defeats that thing. He decides to call someone for help. He phones Nick Fury to help him out.

1.2 - S.H.I.E.L.D., ???, ???

At S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury is dealing with Shadow Goops, mysterious creatures created by a mysterious ink. The creatures starts to fuse with other things on S.H.I.E.L.D., like weapons and such, Nick Fury calls Iron Man to help him out. Tony Stark appears in a second to help his boss.

Tony Stark: That's why you called me? Black blobs? I mean I thought it was aliens, gods or anything threating but not this! I mean, what next time are you calling me to fight teddy bears?

One of the Shadow Goops attacks the Iron Man's armor taking control of it, Nick Fury now has to defeat Iron Goop without hurting Tony. After defeating it, the goops goes away.

Tony Stark: What the fuck just happened.
Nick Fury: After many years that I spent on S.H.I.E.L.D., I fought many enemies, but this one is unique.
Tony Stark: It's a fucking shadow blob, of course it's unique!

Their interesting TALKLOG is ended by a call from a mysterious source.

Nick Fury: S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Nick Fury speaking.
JonTron: help me i'm being attacked by video games.
*turns off cell phone*
Tony Stark: What was it?
Nick Fury: I think games are starting to get violent.

1.3 - Animu, Tokyo, Japan

In the weird world of Japan, White Bomberman is exploring the land while finding his weird animi and mangu friends, suddenly GIANT ENEMY TENTACLE CRAB appears and tries to kill everyone with his perveted tentacles.

White Bomberman: I should have traveled to Chicago instead of this place.

White Bomberman jumps in the air and suddenly Mighty Bomberman appears to help him out. GIANT ENEMY TENTACLE CRAB summons a bunch of PERVETED MINIONS to stop the duo, but they just blow everything in their way. At the end, they use SUPER DUPER DESTROYER BOMB THOU MUST KILL KRABS KRAB MOVE.

And then it explodes.

Animu is a happy place once again.

1.4 - Scout Shako's Camp Thingies (including VHS Players), Boston, USA

Chuck and Inori enter the Scout Shako's Camp Thingies and they meet with none of other than Scout Shako Jr. Martinez Gonzalez Ferniando Jr. Jr. or simply Scout Shako. They ask for a VHS player and Scout Shako happily gives them one.

They return to their apartment where they put the VHS player and put the VHS along with it. However the VHS player was ~curseeeeed~, as a the spirit of GEORGE LUCAS appears and attacks our duo. Inori and Chuck teams up and fuses together to create GIGA DRILL BREAKER, but that goes extremely wrong as the spirit of George Lucas is immune to it.

They are hopeless now. Nothing can save them...


Kermit the Frog appears piloting the EVA-01 who does an amazing job in hurting George Lucas, leaving Lucas very hurt. However that isn't the end, George Lucas appears and then he turns into BIG ZAM LUCAS, fusing himself with the Mobile Suit Big Zam.

Kermit: Ribbit this. I'm out,

Is this the end of our heroes? Find out on the same bat time at the same bat channel...

1.5 - War Zone 00, Boston, USA

On what used to be Inori and Chuck's house now is a War Zone, with Big Zam Lucas wrecking everything around it. However, he wished that he didn't touched a thing... a very powerful thing... TOMMY WISEAU.

Tommy Wiseau: Don't touch me motherfucker.

Tommy grabs Big Zam Lucas, spin him around and throw him to the fucking moon.

Inori: Well that was anti-climatic.

Meanwhile, the IRATE GAMER is watching everything from the MAD MEDIA LABS.

Irate Gamer: That was it? Man this ending sucks! I wish there was something bigger to fight.

He forgot about it, but he had a genie with him which granted his wish. A bigger threat appeared, SHINY BIG ZAM LUCAS DIRECTOR'S CUT EDITION, the new robot crushes Mad Media Labs and he is heading to revenge Big Zam Lucas death. Seems like the end of the world as we know it. I think we are going to take ONE DAY OUTSIDE EARTH.

STORY ARC 2: Yiffing Butts

STORY ARC 3: Rise and Fall of Space Walken

STORY ARC 4: Academy Awards 20XX

FINAL STORY ARC: Tommy Wins A Oscar

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