Movesets for The Mysterious Five Project fighters.

Starting Characters

  • Mario
    • B: Fireball
    • B-Up: Propeller Mario
    • B-Down: Rock Mario
    • B-Side: Tanooki Mario
    • Final Smash: Mega Mario
  • Luigi
    • B: Iceball
    • B-Up: Green Missile
    • B-Down: Poltergust 5000
    • B-Side: Coin Toss
    • Final Smash: Dreamy Luigi
  • Rosalina
    • B: Magic
    • B-Up: Luma Toss
    • B-Down: Star Spin
    • B-Side: Star Bits
    • Final Smash: Cosmic Spirit
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • B: Homing Attack
    • B-Up: Orange Rocket
    • B-Down: Werehog
    • B-Side: Cyan Laser
    • Final Smash: Super Sonic
  • Sonic the Werehog
    • B: Stomp
    • B-Up: Leap
    • B-Down: Sonic
    • B-Side: Stretch
    • Final Smash: Night of the Werehog

Unlockable Characters

Think Tank Hidden Characters

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