The Music War is an event that occurred primarily in the summer of 2010, in which users uploaded their music to the wiki. It reached its peak in June and began falling apart already by the end of the summer, with July only seeing the release of a few songs (and even those received a mixed response). There appears to have been something of a revival in 2011, with albums currently under work by YoshiEgg (tbc), SonicWiki (tbc), Spark01 (tbc), Half-blood2000 (tbc), and Cobweb (tbc).

Music War is an event in which Users create music tracks and upload them for other users

Participants in 2010

name and tracks are listed

Participants in 2011

  • SonicWiki (tbc) - Released debut album Lethal track-by-track in May 2011.
  • YoshiEgg (tbc) - Album "Relatively Painless" in production
  • Cobweb (tbc) - Album "Different Summers" in production; "Desert Vampire EP" in production
  • The Gigabytes (Talk) - Album "Megabytes" in production; contributing to "Desert Vampire EP"
  • Half-blood2000 (tbc) - Contributing to Desert Vampire EP. Released debut album Retro Highway in May 2011.

Participants in 2012

  • Half-blood2000 (tbc) - Released album "Fantenstuck Vol. 1 - Awakening" in February 2012.

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