Mushroom Kingdom Warriors is a video-game for the Wii U. Similar to Hyrule Warriors it combines the action of Tecmo Koei's Dynasty Warriors series with the world of Mario, and is being developed by Nintendo and Tecmo Koei.


It is another day in the Mushroom Kingdom, the place known for its high rate of princess kidnapping. Mario is one of the defenders of the Mushroom Kingdom, but Bowser finally has a plan to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom and make Princess Peach love him instead.

Bowser gathered a team of the strongest persons having a grudge against the Mushroom Kingdom and started his plan. They occupied parts of the Mushroom Kingdom and now it is the job for the defenders of the Mushroom Kingdom to claim them back.


The gameplay is very similar to Tecmo Koei's Dynasty Warriors series of video games, but instead uses the setting and characters from Nintendo's Mario series. The player controls various characters throughout the game. While there is a far stronger emphasis on combat than other games in the Mario series, the player will still use common items from prior games in the series, such as Potted Piranha Plants, Boomerangs and Double Cherry. These items can serve as weapons, and can uncover secrets on the map or allow the player access to previously unreachable areas and shortcuts. Many of the power-ups appear in the new combat system, such as Fire Mario which has a special attack like the Mario Finale in the Super Smash Bros. series. A special usable technique is called "Focus Energy". By filling up the Magic meter at the top-left of the screen then pressing the R button, the player will enter "Focus Energy", enhancing their attack and attributes. Discovering new items and opening ?-Blocks is also present in the game; Various ?-Blocks are scattered across the battlefield, some of which are hidden and only become visible upon touching a button or something else. They can contain new items for the player to use, Super Mushrooms and 1-Up Mushrooms to increase their health, or other various items like Star Coins.

Unlike most normal Mario games, vast hordes of weaker enemies like Goombas and Koopas are set to appear, often alongside greater foes such as Boom Boom, encouraging the player to think tactically. The player character will also fight alongside regular Toads and other playable characters for the first time in the series. The game will also feature multiple locations throughout the Mushroom Kingdom and localities that will function as battlefields.

The player can collect Coins and materials to upgrade weapons and craft badges, which can then be used to bolster each character's abilities. There will be multiple weapon types, such as Mario's Firebrand Gloves which is oriented around hand-to-hand combat, and heavier weapon types that rely on power like his Hammer. Each weapon type has its own moveset, and contains several equipable weapons; for example, Mario can use the Dent Gloves, the POW Gloves, or the Heavy Gloves as part of his Firebrand Gloves moveset. Individual weapons have their own stats and skills, which can be transferred onto another weapon of the same type for a certain Coin cost, provided the recipient weapon has empty skill slots; however, doing so will sacrifice the source weapon.

Adventure Mode is an alternative gameplay mode, which takes the form of a grid in the shape of the overworld from Super Mario Bros. 3. Each block in the grid represents a mission, like defeating a certain number of enemies under a specific time limit. Completing missions unlocks the adjacent squares on the grid, and allows the player to advance. Special exploration items like the Shine Sprites or Power Stars, can be used to find rewards in certain squares of the grid; the player will then have to complete a battle to obtain that particular reward. New characters and special weapons can only be unlocked via Adventure Mode.

The game will also feature a local co-op mode. In co-op, one player uses the Gamepad as their screen. The Wii U Pro Controller and Wii Remote with Nunchuk control styles will be available options for both multiplayer and single player. In single-player, the Gamepad functions as a sub-menu, akin to how it was used in The Wind Waker HD.

Playable Characters

See: The Mushroom Kingdom Warriors/Characters

Hero Characters

Heroes will accompany the player as allies on the map.

Enemy Characters


Character Table

Mario Luigi Peach Captain Toad Yoshi
Mariossbi Luigi SSB4 PeachSmashNoBackGround CaptainToad250 Yoshi-ssb4
Hammer: PDSMBE-FireOrbFire Poltergust: PDSMBE-LightningOrb Lightning Parasol: PDSMBE-LightOrb Light Pickaxe: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness Eggs: PDSMBE-LightOrb Light
F.L.U.D.D.: PDSMBE-WaterOrb Water Tanooki: PDSMBE-WoodOrb Nature Frying Pan: PDSMBE-FireOrbFire Roulette Block: PDSMBE-LightOrb Light
Feather: PDSMBE-LightOrb Light Fire Bar: PDSMBE-FireOrb Fire Turnip Patch: PDSMBE-WoodOrb Nature**
Goomba Shoe: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness
Scalpel: PDSMBE-LightningOrb Lightning*
Bowser Bowser Jr. Rosalina Kamek King Boo
Bowser SSB4 BowserJrSSB4Render RosalinaSSB4 Kamek Suprised King Boo Artwork - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
Axe: PDSMBE-FireOrbFire Koopa Clown Car: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness Star Wand: PDSMBE-LightOrb Light Magic Rod: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness Ghostly Gem: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness
Chain Chomp: PDSMBE-LightningOrbLightning Paintbrush: PDSMBE-WaterOrb Water Beehive: PDSMBE-WoodOrb Nature
Gearmo Magnet: PDSMBE-LightningOrbLightning
Daisy Noki Wario Waluigi Count Bleck
Daisy NokiShell WarioOverallsSSB4 Waluigi-BoardWin-MP9 Count Bleck (3D)
Ice Staff: PDSMBE-WaterOrb Water Noki Shell: PDSMBE-WaterOrb Water Biker Gloves: PDSMBE-LightningOrbLightning Thorn Whip: PDSMBE-WoodOrb Nature Scepter: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness
Snack Basket: PDSMBE-FireOrbFire**
Fawful Prince Peasley Nabbit** Petey Piranha** Shy Guy**
Fawful render Peasleyrender MushroombanditNSMBU Super mario Bros Petey Shy Guy CTTT
Vacuum Helmet: PDSMBE-LightningOrb Lightning Rapier: PDSMBE-LightOrb Light Item Bag: PDSMBE-LightOrb Light Vine Leaves: PDSMBE-WoodOrb Nature Spear: PDSMBE-WoodOrb Nature
Captain Syrup** Shadow Queen** Basilisx** Geno** Mallow**
CaptainSyrupSSBC ShadowQueenrender Basilisx SMBZ Geno Brawl MallowByJoeAdok
Genie Lamp: PDSMBE-FireOrb Fire Shadow Ribbon: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness Metal Claws: PDSMBE-DarkOrb Darkness Finger Gun: PDSMBE-LightningOrb Lightning Froggie Stick: PDSMBE-WaterOrb Water
Boomer** Chakron** Construction Mario**
Boomerrpg 150px-ChakronML3 ConstructionMario
Katana: PDSMBE-FireOrb Fire Chakra Band: PDSMBE-LightOrb Light Maker Gloves: PDSMBE-LightningOrb Lightning

* - amiibo

** - Downloadable content

Game Information


It was announced that the game would feature a wide variety of characters from different parts of the Mario universe. Originally the cast featured different characters and was somewhat bigger. Birdo, Pianta, Gearmo, and Ashley (from the WarioWare series) were first in the game but were replaced by Noki and King Boo.

They said that no Donkey Kong characters would be added to the game duo to them not living in the Mushroom Kingdom, or near it, excluding them from this battle.

Downloadable Content

There is some downloadable content in the game. The first announced DLC pack features the Shadow Queen from the Paper Mario series who also appears as a boss in the game. It also features Captain Syrup from the Wario Land series. It was explained that she was added duo to her being close to the Mushroom Kingdom unlike WarioWare characters like Ashley. Lastly the pack included a Wario Land Map. New weapons include the Shadow Ribbon for Shadow Queen and the Genie Lamp for Captain Syrup.

The second pack also includes two DLC characters, namely Shy Guy and Chakron. The latter is a boss in the game as well, so he was already much speculated to be appearing as DLC. Shy Guy was first shown in a trailer of him on the Yoshi's Island Map. new weapons include Chakra Band for Chakron, the Spear for Shy Guy and the Snack Basket for Wario, an item from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

The third DLC pack also has two characters, being the original characters Eario and Captain Basilisx. The new weapon belonging to them are the Broomstick and the Metal Claws respectively. Along with the DLC pack is an 8-BIT Mushroom Kingdom map, as well as special costumes for many characters.

  • Mario: Dr. Mario
  • Luigi: Mr. L
  • Princess Peach: Shadow Queen & Sports Outfit
  • Princess Daisy: Sports Outfit
  • Bowser: Dry Bowser
  • Captain Toad: Captain Toadette
  • Yoshi: Plessie skin, Boshi outfit
  • Rosalina: Cosmic Spirit
  • Wario: WarioWare Biker Outfit

The Mario amiibo figurine will also add a new weapon for Mario, namely the Scalpel which is based on the Dr. Mario series. This is most likely a reference to Dr. Mario who is an unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. 4.



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