The Most Logical Game Ever
Developer(s) PhoenixFire
Platform(s) Wii U

Xbox One PS4

Release Date(s)
US - December 15th, 2014

JP - December 14th, 2014 EU - December 18th, 2014

Genre(s)  ?
Series M.L.G
The Most Logical Game or abbreviated as MLG is game made by Phoenix Fire and is about a person who gets locked into this room that he somehow got trapped into, and now he needs to find out how to get out.


You had a party and got drunk. You don't remember what happened, and now your in this concrete room with a door. You need to get out.


In the game you have meters on the right of you. This is what the are and how the work:

  • Hungriness Meter - Tells you how hungry you are
  • Illness Meter - Tells you how Ill you are
  • Body Meter - When you click on it it gives you various choices to do such as:

Nose Meter - It says how runny and stuffy your nose is (Sniff button below it)

Itch Meter - It says where you have a nerve/itch (An itching button below it)

Eye Meter - It says how much your eyes burn 

Hair Meter - It shows how many inches your hair is as well as your chest hair and armpit hair.

Hand Meter - Shows how asleep your hand is

Foot Meter - Shows how asleep your foot is

Bathroom Meter - Shows how badly you need to go to the bathroom

Throat Meter - Shows how much your throat hurts

  • Strength Meter - Shows how much strength you have ( no its not in the body section )
  • Smartness Meter - Shows how smart you are

These meters help you throughout the game, to get rid of itches and other problems. Through out the game you need to find out how your gonna get out of the room. There are several ways to get out .

Smart Way

The Smart way is the logical way to get out, but the longest way, because it takes effort. There are several smart ways but the normal one is to:

  1. Scrape off some concrete
  2. Hit your shoe at the ground until you find dirt
  3. Dig down for water
  4. Pour water on the concrete, making it somewhat concrete again.
  5. Drill in to the door with concrete
  6. Drill a big enough hole until you can rech the door nob with your hand from the outside.
  7. Your done!

Strong Way

This is done by gaining strength and breaking the door, as simple as that

Un-Logical Riddle Way

If your a fan of riddles you might like this one. Make a table out of man made concrete, then you make a reflection by finding a certain type of rock. You look into the mirror and you "see what you saw" then you take the saw and cut the table in half. Two halfs make a whole so you jump into the hole to escape.

Dig Dugs Way

You break the ground with your shoe and then you dig under the dirt and after a few days you will dig a hole out.

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