A race of stone age people. Created masks to sell to traders that sailed in from the Great Bay and the Termanian Coast. There god is the Majora. They created a mask for him, showing there loyalty. After one of the native put on the Majora's Mask, he tried to pretend he was the Majora. He then found power and destroyed there villages and there capital village, Taune. The Natives revolted, only to be killed. Only a couple thousand live on there island of Toubra. After the original Majora died, the natives of the ruins of Taune threw the mask into the water to float somewhere into the unknown. The mask unfortunately floated back to them. They thought it was a sign that a new god sent it back to them. They mask was in ruins. The natives made a new mask. A new Majora's Mask. They made it for the good of their god....and also for their death.

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