The Monty Story: Chronicles
Developer(s) Montysoft Gaming, Inc.
Publisher(s) Montysoft Gaming, Inc.
Platform(s) Nintendo 5DS, Nintendo UltraCube, more to come
Release Date(s)
January 28, 2018
Story, Smash, Create
Age Rating(s)
7/10 IGN, 7/10 Nintendo
Genre(s) Fantasy, Fighting
Series The Monty Story
Predecessor A TV series on [adult swim] called "The Monty Story"
Successor The Monty Story: Apocalypse
Media Included A Guide to The Monty Story (book)
Manual(s) A Guide to The Monty Story

The Monty Story: Chronicles is an upcoming video game which will be bundled with the Nintendo 5DS, and will be available for other consoles, soon to be announced. It is also available for Nintendo UltraCube sold separately.



Monty is driving on an Interstate highway when he sees a billboard saying, "DON'T TRUST ONLINE PEOPLE, OR ELSE YOU ARE DIE". The "YOU ARE DIE" is a reference to Teen Titans Go.

Ironically, the scene cuts to his computer in his car where he is on a chat website called "blat" talking to friends from the website "Limmer Triplets". He crashes into an exit sign and falls conveniently next to his house.

The player then takes control of Monty to walk back home, avoiding obstacles along the way. The rest of the story is not to be spoiled here as of now.


In Smash, you can pick any characters you have found in the actual game to play as in order to fight other characters, or you can just use user-created characters. The gameplay in this mode is similar to Super Smash Brothers 3DS.


In this mode, you can create things, mostly for Smash mode. You can create stages, characters, attacks, and you can also see/edit Amiibo data.


  • Monty (player)
  • Phone (important item)


  • Tyson (brother)
  • Online people on Limmer Triplets (Phone works as means of communication)
    • SuperLuigi1
    • notaserialkiller (Monty's crush)
    • brieflydoggirl
    • Straightforwardguy123
    • MontybroWnoCrush (player)


  • Mary (main antagonist)
  • Other online people on Limmer Triplets (Phone works as means of communication)
    • Lightning50
    • Sunnydaez
    • leetspeekahs
    • MontyHas[a]Crush
    • I hacked the site to put spaces in my name
  • Anti-Monty (first boss)

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