You call me a mistake, I call myself perfect.
Shattered Panes

The Mistake
The Mistake Shattered
The Mistake, a clone of The Enemy.
Full Name The Mistake
Current Age Unknown (Infinite)
Gender Unknown
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive?
Class Cloned God
Main Weapon(s) Aura, ability to black out technology

The Mistake (Real name being Derezzt) is a clone of The Enemy. It was a failed experiment that led to project being ultimately compromised. The Mistake is quite possibly more powerful than both the Fan and the Enemy.


Shattered Panes

The Mistake appears early in the story, with the intent on destroying The Fan. He gets close to doing so, before being stopped by The Enemy.

He is ultimately captured later in the story by Time-Wharx, and is implied to be gone for good after the story ends.

Fantendo RPG: Evolved

Fantendo RPG: Evolved tells us the process of The Mistake. As it turns out, he was intended to be a better clone of the Enemy, one that could easily heal his wounds by sucking out power from electricity.

This was done through Limbo, and was coded through there. The exporting from Limbo was cut short due to a power break and thus, he became living code. When they put him back into Limbo, his entire code was corrupted and with no back-up saves. 

They attempted to delete him and start from scratch, but he turned out to be sentient. He attacked the coding team and anyone involved and P4 Labs was left in ruins.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Contrive

The Mistake makes a surprising appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Contrive as the final boss of 1P Mode. Being larger than most of his other appearances, he uses variations of attacks used by The Enemy and The Fan. He will also use some original moves such as slamming the ground with his foot to make the stage fly downwards quickly, and rushing forwards as he screams.

This marks his first appearance in a Fantendo Smash Bros. title, as well as his first appearance since Fantendo RPG: Evolved, back in 2012.


Exotoro said that the character was based off glitch characters in video games, and how they were programmed but ultimately shoved away due to time constraints or instability.  She based off the character off the idea if they were sentient and didn't realize they were really mistakes.

She also based off the clone aspect off Mewtwo, and the elements of being superior through being a living program that could be modified came from the ISOs from Tron.