The Misadventures of Star Fox (Or sometimes called Star Fox Misadventures) is a TV Series about the Star Fox Crew and their life after the end of the Star Fox era living on Corneria.


Taking place 16 years after the end of the Star Fox Crew Fox McCloud and Krystal McCloud are the loving family they are with three kids. Nicole McCloud is the oldest Marcus McCloud is the Middle Kid and James McCloud is the youngest. When Nicole was born Fox and Krystal want to raise their kids to be unique to themselves and try to keep their lives normal. At the End of Nicole's 8th Grade year her best friend Carly Shimko's parents are facing a financial crisis but can save it if they go to another country to star in the filming of two action romance movies. Carly goes to live with the McClouds and is treated like the daughter they never had.

Main Characters

Fox McCloud: Main Character and retired Space Pilot. He has 3 kids and married to his wife he wants to give his kids a childhood that they can always look back on. Krystal McCloud: Wife of Fox McCloud and mother of 3 her personality is an adult version of her daughters and has been laid backed.

Nicole McCould: Nicole is the daughter and oldest child. She is a runner on Cross Country and Track and Field at school.

Marcus McCloud: Middle Child and Soccer and Baseball player. Loves Music and Rising Internet Cover Rapper.

James McCloud: Youngest Child and Basketball and Lacrosse Player. Very Smart and spends time with Carly a lot.

Carly Shimko: Nicole's Best Friend and Lives with the McClouds for her High School Carrer.

Peppy Hare: The Kids "Grandfather" and retired Space Pilot.

Characters that appear in most Episodes


East Alvernia

West Mountain School District

Elementary Schools

Middle School

High School



Most Seasons end in The time period of Late July or Early August as one Season is equal to one year.

(Epsiode guide will come in the near future)


In The Series Pilot Nicole and Carly both in 6th Grade at the time are at a Jr High Activity fair to see if they want to join anything their 7th Grade Year. Carly who wants to join the Junior Golf Team tries to help Nicole find what she wants to do. Upon the last hour attention is caught by the 2 seniors with classmates Caroline and Aurora doing Cross Country Sign ups. Nicole decides to sign up. She is then made fun of by Cheerleaders and Football players when one of them named Joe challenges her to a race on the school's Cross Country Coruse after school. In a race where Nicole smokes him with a time of 22 minutes flat Nicole reveals she has been running since 2nd grade.

At the end of the Pilot it jumps to 8th grade year where the McClouds are at the current time of their lives where the news broken to Carly about her Parents. Nicole and the Family take her in.


Nicole and Carly begin High School and move up to their Varsity sport years.





This Season is a very huge season with a few Hour long specials and even a movie. It's Nicole's Senior year with Carly and Carly's parents return home and spend one more year with the McClouds so they can sell their house and have people build them a new one.


The Summer after Nicole and Carly Graduates.

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