The Mirai Project
Developer(s) SeventhHeaven
Publisher(s) SeventhHeaven
Platform(s) 7Si
Release Date(s)
Worldwide: 4th August 2017
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Mystery/Agent-sim
Media Included Disc
Storage Needed 1bit
The Mirai Project is a game developed and released by SeventhHeaven for the 7Si handheld. It was released worldwide on the 14th of August 2017. Taking place in the deep future, the city of Seoula is under attack from a series of missile strikes from the city of Dilia, Seoula's enemy. The player takes the role of Hyu, a young person who is extremely against the missile strikes, and wishes to take out the leader, Inkong Miki, who is ordering the strikes to happen.


In the deep future, a raging war is happening between Koreana and Timorine, where biological weapons of mass destruction are always a threat and missile strikes are a regular occurence. One day, thousands of missiles rained down on the city of Seoula, which happened to be where young boy, Hyu Seung, lives. Before the event, thousands of bells rung out loudly to tell all of the people around that war was once again coming to Seoula. So, as rehearsed, Hyu, his brother, and his friend Park all retreated to the shelter he had beneath his home. It wasn't long until the rain of terror began.

It seemed like thousands of years since the missiles had started, when all of a sudden, the bells stopped, and Hyu was relieved. Usually, the bombs and missiles would never hit Parkong, they would hit the centre of the city, but this time it was different. Hyu climbed out of the bunker and found his home, his school and all the houses around him had been completely flattened. It was the beginning of a revolution for him, however.

"I will get revenge. No lies about that". He said to himself.


Areas and Locations