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The Millenniumers is a show that broadcasted in 2013. It features several Doodleland heroes and heroines teaming up to fight evil. The cast features Zak, Cinder, Maion, Zynte, Thumbelina, Captain Cinderburn, Sewsack, and Jean "Artemis".

Characters from their respective properties also show up as either allies or members for the episode. Villains from the properties also show up as well, and new villains also appear. It was first announced at Fantendo World 2012, and then a teaser was later shown at Comic Con 2012.

Additionally, a episode list for season 1 was revealed.

Each "episode" is split into two episodes, however Dusk and Savage are split into three episodes. There is a total of 20 episodes listed below.


Season 1

Name Air Date Info
Dusk (Movie) TBA A group of heroes have to fight off a alien invasion while having to work with each other.
Dust and Bones TBA A necromancy genius gets the idea to raise his entire destroyed planet back from the dead.
The Swarm TBA Zak finds himself on a planet full of lizard-people and the team has to get him back before he becomes a lizard man himself.
Time Here and There TBA A time-traveler messes with the future and plans on messing up the past.
Clouds of Thunder TBA The Angel Realm has something wrong with it's lightning department.
Crystal Demons TBA The Boogey Monsters team up with the Demons of the Demon Realm and try to take over Earth.
Red Moon TBA The team learns of another moon that comes only every 5,000 years and that it will effect Sewsack and Captain Cinderburg.
The Big Picture TBA Delthi comes to earth and tries to be evil, but may not be as bad as she thinks she is.
Nightmars TBA Mars is heading towards the Earth, but the entire team is having problems with their own fears.
Savage TBA ???

Season 2

Name Air Date Info
Black Flames TBA Galaxta comes to Earth and single-handly takes down the group.
Planet X TBA Darkclaw's past comes to light as his planet attacks Earth.
Kitty and Hawk TBA Series Finale



A character whose bold determintation and insistance on kindness makes him some what of leader amoung the group. He uses his stretchy arms to fight, and is one of the last of his kind.


Cinder prefers action over words, unlike her friend Zak. Despite sharing the same back story, she finds it hard to connect with Zak or anyone in the group, and usaully insists she go at situtations alone. Similar to Zak, she uses her stretchy legs to fight.


Maion is a angel who only has one wing. Despite being a perfect example to the god's eyes of a hero, she suffers from self-respect issues and her only friend is Demoo named Germoo. She uses the elusive Celestial Crowbar to fight.


A orphaned teen who uses three basic powers of creation. Often he searches in vain for who his mother and father were, with no results. Surge basically hand-picked him into T.W.O, however he fails to realize his full potential sometimes.



Captain Cinderburn




Jean "Artemis"






Peira Noid










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