The Masters of the Elements is a game for the Nintendo Master, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Game Boy Alpha, Nintendo 3DS, PS4, XBox One and PC. It is one of the biggest games ever, bigger than Super Smash Bros. Intense.


A young boy by the name of Daichi is going to sleep as his father is telling him a story. It's about a hero and other heroes fighting a dark monster. At that time, rumors began to spread about it being a prophecy. It is unknown how the rumor appeared, but disbelievers think that it was made up by Osbert, the crazy hobo who lives on the street. Fast forward 15 years later, Daichi is 17, and is a scientist who is trying to make a Chrono Reversal/Booster Capsule, or the CRBC. Yes, it's a time machine. The word Largecorp is seen on the wall, and since Daichi's name is Daichi Patroclus Large, this suggests a family member owns the company. After a hard day of work, he goes home awaiting to see his siblings. This is the first area where you can play called 'The Road'. It's here you'll notice that the game is like a new Earthbound. Comedy everywhere, as first seen when you fight a Dancing Raccoon. Once he gets home, he goes to bed. But he has terrible nightmares, and can't wake up. Nightmares so scary that you wouldn't want to know. He finally wakes up to complete... silence. But rubble layer everywhere. Daichi scurried to look outside, and what he saw changed his life. Everything was... not moving. It looked like a picture depicting chaos. It then unfreezed and screams of terror were heard. After running to Largecorp, he realizes he had chronokinesis. The power to control time. As soon as he discovers this, a black shadowy thing that was causing destruction said "Ever wonder why... you attempts of creating CRBC were 99% successful... hehehe..." Daichi knew he had to be a hero. Whether he liked it or not, he was chosen.

Playable Characters

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