The Master (Ice)
Current Age
Date of Birth No birth
Gender Unk.
Species Unk.
Location Master Fortress
The Master is a character that is basically the ruler of the Nintendo Universe. His head is Master Core (source form) his hands are Master and Crazy Hand and he wears a red robe (I suppose you could call it) and he lives in Master Fortress. This is an idea/theory explaining the Nintendo Universe by Ice.


The Master did not have a birth which is very confusing but lets go to the very first thing we know about him. The Master was in this huge space full of nothingness. Thats when he created: Master Fortress aka his home. One day he came out of the fortress noticing all of the nothingness in space, and thats when he created his first trophies. He made them a nice golden color and he called them Farore, Din, and Nayru. He made a type of technology to make them come alive: a gamepad. The 3 of them made the first version of earth: Hyrule which ended up being several places in the future such as the Mushroom Kingdom, Village, etc. With the beauty that the 3 statues made, he added people: objects that can talk, walk, eat, sleep, and make decisions. One day he stopped making the trophies because he was tired of working so much. Then it started: The Ultimate Time Colossal. 2 suns emerged. The Master took a look at this. It was a red a blue sun emerging touching eachother. He took a look at earth, and everyone of his trophies that he crafted were there. He made them fight for his amusement, creating Smash Bros MORE COMING SOON

The Nintendo Timeline


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