The Marvel Arena is a Free-To-Play MOBA made by TeamTiger in association with Marvel. The game is planned to launch in Winter 2015 in Wii U and PC.


The gameplay is very similar to Nintendium, with similar controls and view. The game has a third person view, but, it can be changed to a top-down view if players like to play with that type of view. Characters are bought with in-game money gained by just playing, but players will have free ones.


To clasify the characters, the game has classes for each of them:

  • Assasin: They are highly mobile and most of the time only attack a single target. They usually kill an enemy, clear a wave of minions and escape as fast as they can, due to their lack of health.
  • Hunter (or ADC): These are characters that depend on their Basic Attacks to kill enemies or complete their missions. They also depend on the items they buy and they are not hard to destroy when they are alone.
  • Fighter: They are characters that can both deal damage and surviving to it at the same time. But their range is very short, and this means they need to be really close to their target, making them easy to trap.
  • Mage: They are characters with abilities that affect entire areas. Sometimes they have abilities that can slow or stun enemies, perfect to trap them and kill them from a distance.
  • Titan: These are characters with abilities that can give effects to enemies like stuns, slows, knockbacks and other things. They can soak a lot of damage to protect their teammates.


To this date, only the following six characters have been revealed:

Character Attack Type Roles


HawkeyeM Hawkeye Ranged Hunter TBA
HulkPhoto Hulk Melee Titan TBA
LokiPhoto Loki Ranged Mage TBA
SpidermanPhoto Spiderman Ranged Hunter TBA
ThorPhoto Thor Melee Fighter TBA
WolverinePhoto Wolverine Melee Assasin TBA


Like in their previous game, Nintendium, TeamTiger will constantly make updates for the game to add more content.

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