The Mario Family is a project attempting to connect every single possible family member of the Mario Family into a Family Tree. This includes all fanon characters. For the sake of simplicity, we will not be counting other media relatives unless they exist on this wiki.


Generation Mario

Generation 2

The children of the Mario Generation.

No Biological Connection

No biological connections but are still considered part of the Mario Family.


  • Are Jumpman and Pauline Mario and Luigi's original parents?
    • The pages seemingly contradict each other in this case although this can be changed if people feel it's necessary.
  • Is Guido a cousin of Mario's adoptive parents or original parents?
    • The fact he was running around in Brooklyn suggests he was cousins with Mario's original parents, although unless the creator states one way or the other, it's left unknown.
  • Time to clear this up once and for all: are Wario and Waluigi cousins of Mario and Luigi?
    • Likewise, are Wario and Waluigi related to each other?

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