Wizards and Whiskey Part 1
Protagonists Nelson, Mack
Antagonists N/A
World Iliana
Characters introduced Carhas

Nelson and his friends have defeated Arlen, the evil Black Mage, but their adventures are far from over! Join us as we follow Nelson on his epic journey to- well, even he doesn't know!

Nelson and Mack are walking into a small town on their journey home to Bellen.

Mack: Nelson, whatd'ya say we stop over at that tavern and get a bit a food before we leave?

Nelson: Sounds fine to me Mack. Just don't get us into any trouble.

Mack: When have I ever gotten us into trouble?

Nelson: There was that time in Carina and-

Mack: Dammit Nelson, shut the hell up.

They enter the tavern and sit down at a table. Though thay don't notice, they are being watched by a Red Mage dressed in an extravagent red silk coat and large plumed hat.

Waitress: What would you like to drink?

Mack: Gimmie a shot a' whiskey. And make sure it's the good stuff, dammit, noe a' that weak crap.

Nelson: Mack, the last thing we need is for you to be drunk.

Mack: Don't worry, I'll just drink a little.

Nelson: Yeah, well I remember the last time you just drank "a little"/

As they bicker, the red robed mage gets up and comes over to their table.

Mage: Excuse me.

Mack: Who the hell are you?

Nelson: Mack! Don't be rude!

Mage: Allow me to introduce myself. I am called Carhas. I couldn't help overhearing, but you wouldn't be the Nelson, could you? The one who has saved Iliana?

Nelson: Well, I had help...

Carhas: Of course you did! (Turning to Mack) And you must be Mack. The famed creator of the airship.

Mack: So what if I am? What the hell do you want with us?

The mage sits down across from Mack, who splutters with rage.

Carhas: While we talk, allow me to pour you some drink. The finest quality whiskey. In Carina, it can go for 1000 Gil for one shot.

Mack: (Taking the glass) Maybe ya' aren't so bad after all. Thanks.

Mack drains the glass.

Mack: Damn good stuff. I could drink more than any other man or moogle, I wager.

Carhas: Wanna' bet?

Nelson: Mack, no, this isn't the time for this!

Mack: I bet you all our Gil. 80,000, we got.

Nelson: Mack!

Mack ignores Nelson. He and Carhas slowly drain glass after glass, each getting more and more drunk. Nelson fades off to sleep after a few minutes. Then, Mack falls down on the table, passed out.

Much later...

Mack: Urgh... my damn head... where the hell am I?

Mack looks around to find himself in a small metal cell. He sees Nelson sleeping on the floor.

Mack: By the gods, this can't be good.

To be continued...

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