The Man in Black
The Man in Black
Full Name The Man in Black
Current Age  ?
Gender Presumed male
Location  ?
Current Status Alive
Class Gunslinger
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Twin pistols
Ability/ies Magic
Vulnerable To  ?
Latest Appearance Requiem of Darkness
This is an article about the Requiem of Darkness villain. You may be looking for The Man In The Black Cloak, a similarly named character from The Untitled Fantendo Story.

The Man in Black is a major antagonist in Requiem of Darkness. Not much is known about him, though he may be insane. He first apears in Chapter 3, where he travels to the abandoned HadesTech. facility and retrieves a sample of the Black X Virus.

Physical Appearence

He is about 6 feet tall and wears a black trench-coat with a black fedora with a silver band. His face is covered with black bandages, with only one gap for an eye. The top of his chest is displayed, and he has an odd blue tatoo on it. He has black pants and black boots.