Fiercedeity 2

The Legend of the Fierce Deity: Majora's Mask 3: The Dark King is a video game for the Wii


After finally killing the Majora, a native man who wanted nothing but power, Oni, a god of power, thinks of it ok to go back to the Palace in the Sky, were he belongs. Or were he sould belong. He was wrong. A new king has taken rule over Termina, wanting nothing more than what the Majora wanted. Power. The Majoras Mask was burnt and the ash were thrown into the water of the Great Bay. They floated to the small island of Ebdin. Natives found the ashes. Unfortuatlly, the natives were the decendants of the ones who created it. The fight for Termina is far from over. With nothing to do, Oni and a man named Orid, his adoptive father, start a quest to once and for all, destroy the Majora's Mask. The King finds a way to harness the power if the mask once it is created anew. But not just the Mask is created anew.....So is Termina.


The point of the game is to assassinate the Dark King. Oni and Orid attempt this, but, sadly, they fail and they find themselves in the middle of a war. The people of Clock Town are sick of the King's rule and start a rebellion. The Dark King, in retaliation, kills everybody in existence exept Oni. Oni has to battle his way around Termina to get the four parts of the Mask of Darkness, with which he can destroy Majora's Mask once and for all.



Main Characters


  • Swing Remote-sword attack
  • Z-Target + A- sword jump attack
  • Arrow Keys and B- Items/Weapons
  • Nunchuck Joystick- Run
  • Nunchuck C-eye view
  • Nunhuck Side-to-Side - sword spin attack
  • Remote + Button - pause/tunic selection
  • Remote Button - weapon selection

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