The Lucky Few is the pilot episode of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side. It was written by RTA fan (tbc).


Amy, Krystal, Tayshaun and Brendan decide on who should protect the RTAverse while they're in the Fantendoverse. The episode is also used to introduce the initial heroes.


The episode starts just before the credits scene of Amy vs The Future, with Amy, Krystal, Tayshaun and Brendan in a room.

Amy: Okay, so we saved the world, that portal opened up and we're gonna go through it. But who do we trust with the duty of protecting Earth?
Krystal: I don't know, should we see who there is?
Amy: Alright.

Amy reaches into a bucket and picks out a name.

Brendan: Am I the only one who feels like this is a bad idea for selecting people to have a huge re-
Amy: Aminu.
Brendan: Never mind, he's a good choice.

The camera cuts to Aminu, who is shown to be a Minun. He appears to be rapping along to I Choose You To Die by Starbomb.

Aminu: Ugh, I can never do that end part...

An unnamed Exploud looks in.

Exploud: Come on, you ready for this music thing?
Aminu: Music thing?
Exploud: Yeah, Brendan's using his guitar.
Aminu: Eh, whatever.

Aminu and the Exploud set out to the site of the final battle.

Amy: Right, next person...

Amy puts her hand in the bucket again.

Amy: Jess Pierce.
Tayshaun: Who?

The camera cuts to Jess, a woman who decides to sit in with a bottle of wine.

Jess: I deserve this after that crazy-ass fight. It was way too insane.

Jess chugs down the large bottle, before feeling a cutting pain in her stomach.

Jess: Agh! I swear my liver just doesn't want to exist anymore.

She gets a quick sight of the lights going up in Los Angeles.

Jess: Weird. Might as well check it out.

Jess gets in her car and drives off to Los Angeles.






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