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This is a list of characters from The Life of Hamma Jamma series.

Main Characters

This is the main cast of characters which are mostly Hamma's personal and close friends.

Hamma Jamma

Hamma Jamma by R. Leos II

Hamma JammaThe main protagonist of the series and leader of his group of friends; he is a Hammer Bro. with street smarts, physical strength, and a troubled past.  Hamma was born in Rogueport, where he lived a less than ideal childhood.  When Hamma was 3, his parents split and his dad left along with Hamma’s 2 brothers; while his mother took custody of him. His mother was a cruel and sadistic Hammer Sis who constantly abused him and made his life hell until she died when he was 10.  His mother had made him to be a bully in his elementary school life where his very name spread fear among the school youth.  He then had to spend most of his preteen years living on the streets before a young Peach Toadstool had discovered him brought him back into the education system in middle school. Hamma is an average student at Rogueport High, who seems to have a knack for getting himself into troubling situations.  He isn’t very academic and also tends to be lazy, but he is capable of being athletic and is very good at sports. He also works at McGoombas part time since he lives alone in a shed in an alley.  He enjoys hanging out with his best friends Koops, Shyster, and TJ.  Despite being abused and alone for most of his life; Hamma is someone who always prefers to have his friends around.  He is also very emotional and sensitive to an extent, although he goes to great lengths to try and hide this from his friends.  He is known for having a ‘tough guy’ image to his friends and he is also rather aggressive.  He has been known to bully his own friends at times, although in the end he usually does not mean whatever harm he does to them unless they provoked him.  Whenever his friends are in trouble or threatened, he is always there to back them up and help them out. In his spare time, he enjoys gaming and drawing in his spare time as well as spending any time he can with his friends; he also enjoys listening to video game soundtracks and athletic activities.

Hanna Hanley

Hanna Hanley by R. Leos II

Hanna Hanley: Hamma's good friend and love interest; she is a female Hammer Sis with academics, a kind heart, and cheery attitude.  Hanna is originally from the meadow hills area of Pagoda City (not too far away from Pagoda Peak) in the Chai Kingdom of Sarasaland. After her father needed to seek new employment, she has had to move to wherever her father could find work.  She has transferred through five different schools since freshman year and currently resides in Rogueport where her father works as a shipping manager and her mother attends Kooperkly University to get her medical degree.  Despite not seeing her father all that much and often taking care of herself, she always maintains a positive attitude and seems energetic and cheery; however she can be sensitive at moments because of being far from home.  She is very intelligent and is a straight A-student; she also has some minor skills in sports she enjoyed in her youth.  She is also compassionate and caring; her kindness is only matched by her understanding.  While she is normally very friendly, because of all the transfers she has trouble making good friends, especially male friends (due to some previous bad relationships).  However she eventually does with the help and the comfort of Hamma who helps her with getting used to the school.  Despite her plain appearance, she is considered very attractive to Hamma Jamma who is completely infatuated with her. She is a cafeteria worker as part of being in the reduced lunch program due to the financial hardships on her family.  As a stress reliever, she has her own set of hobbies she enjoys doing to help her relax when she is by herself; she enjoys listening to music, reading literature from her home province, napping to refresh herself, and uses social media to keep contact with her old friends.  She also is known to do garden tending to help relax, in fact the flower in her hair comes from her gardening.

Koops Simmons

Koops by R. Leos II

Koops:  Hamma's second best friend and group nervous Nellie; he is a Koopa with shyness and a lack of physical strength.  Koops was born in Petalburg, and also near Hooktail castle. When he was 12, his father had gone to slay the dragon in Hooktail castle.  After Koopley was eaten by Hooktail and Koops believed him to be dead, he continued to live with his mother but became more shy, reserved, and a very timid Koopa. Because of his shyness, he was constantly harassed by bullies and was incapable of fighting to defend himself. An incident with said bullies that involved kicking a soccer ball really hard resulted in Koops having to have a bandage on his snout to hide the damage it left behind.  When he started attending Rogueport High, his bully problems became solved when he was defended from the Koopa Bros. by his new and now best friend Hamma Jamma. While Koops is the second weakest of Hamma's friends, he is seen as the voice of reason for the group and is good at settling any disputes that may arise or helping to keep everyone united.  Koops is more focused in school than Hamma is and tends to be smarter than him.  Hamma and Koops share a special quid pro quo relationship where Koops helps Hamma with homework and Hamma helps in teaching Koops how to defend himself.  While he is not very coordinated, he is resilient and does have minimal sports skills.  Despite the bullying, Koops is actually calm, understanding, and tries to avoid violence when possible.  Koops is socially awkward and as such can be nervous around others and doesn’t have very many friends other than Hamma and his friends. Even the way he talks shows a lack of confidence and sometimes others have a hard time understanding him.  When he is alone and needs to relax his he induces in his usual hobbies which include gaming with Hamma, jogging around the Petalburg, or walking through Petal Meadows.

Nick Shyster

Nick Shyster by R. Leos II

Nick Shyster: Hamma's best friend and group trickster; he is a Shy Guy with knowledge in chemistry and biology, a serious and cynical attitude, and a need to experiment. While his technical name is Nick Shyster, he is usually called by his last name by his friends and others because of personal preference; Hamma is the only one known to call Shyster by his first name on occasion. Shyster was born in Poshley Heights as the son of Tim Shyster, co-founder of the Shy Guy Perplex Express.  While his dld was a Shy Guy, his mother was a Bandit which gave him a different physical appearance to most Shy Guys. When Shyster was 12 years old, his mother divorced his dad and took half of his dad’s wealth.  This resulted in Shyster being forced out of private school and into public school for financial reasons. This has caused slight aggression issues in him as well as a mistrust of others (Hamma is one of the few guys he really trusts).  In the end though, it allowed him to meet his best friend Hamma Jamma at Toad Town Middle School.  He is much smarter than Hamma in the fields of science; in fact he is the most scientific one of the group. Despite his seriousness, he often engages in tricking or using someone as a test subject for his own amusement. Hamma is typically his victim.  He also is a bit of a conman and will occasionally try to scam someone.  His athletics is average at best but he certainly does not enjoy running.  He is the most sarcastic and pessimistic in the group and (in public) maintains an emotionless expression; however there are occasions when he is able to show sympathy and empathy.  Ironically he shows more affection to his Chain Chomplet than he does to anyone else.  He is a gamer as well and often prefers to be alone as he is very ill-social.  In his spare time, his hobbies include: scientific experimenting, gaming, and playing with his pet chomp.

Tosh Joad (TJ)

Tosh Joad (TJ) by R. Leos II.

Tosh Joad (TJ): Hamma's third best friend and group gamer; he is a Toad with an interest in gaming, aviation knowledge, and a complete lack of physical strength.  He is the son of James Joad, who is a loyal royal agent to the Mushroom King.  However, his dad lives in Toad Town to be close to his job while TJ and his mother live out in the west side of Rogueport; so TJ doesn’t get to see his dad very often.  Similar to Shyster, his technical name is Tosh Joad, but he is mostly called TJ by everyone because Hamma thought it was a cooler nick name for him and thus everyone started calling him that.  While his father is Toad, his mother is human; resulting in him having a more human appearance. While not very academic, he seems to be slightly more intelligent and more laid back than Hamma. TJ is very interested in the subject of aviation aircraft.  He one day hopes to be a pilot in the Royal Mushroom Air Corps.  Because of his mother being a 'Toad Chef', his other main skill is cooking items. His lack of passion for it means he can make very few items; however his mother is relentless in getting him to master this skill.  Since he does not exercise or go out much, he is not very physical; in fact, he is considered the weakest member of the group (barely able to lift more than 20 lbs.).  He is also a heavy gamer, into all types of video games and loves gaming with his friends. He can be a bit geeky at times, but he also is capable of beings serious.  TJ also has a girlfriend, Alex Sara, which often annoys Hamma since she likes to tease Hamma for the purpose of getting him mad.  Since he has a girlfriend, he spends more time with her and less time gaming now. He is peaceful and prefers to avoid conflict but only because he can’t fight very well.  He has a playful nature like Hamma, but he has matured since he got a girlfriend. Besides gaming, he enjoys origami, multiple anime and cartoons, building model aircraft, and spending times with his friends and girlfriend during his downtime.

Alex Sara

Alex Sara by R. Leos II

Alexandria “Alex” Sara: TJ's girlfriend and a friend of Hamma; she is a Human from Isle Delfino who enjoys joking around, spending time with TJ, and playing sports.  She is the daughter of Pamtha and Alexander Sara who both own A&P Cruise Company.  Her full name is Alexandria Sara, but she is usually just called “Alex” for short, however Hamma likes to call her Alexia to tease her since she doesn’t like being called that.  She wears glasses (for clarity purposes), except when playing sports. She is known for being more tomboyish and has no shame in Tomboy personality despite what others may think.  Her academic skills are average, although she is supposed to be focusing her efforts into business since she will inherit the company her parents founded. She is especially good in athletic activities and likes playing sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, and running. Her skills in sports are almost enough to rival even Hamma. She isn’t much of a fighter, but is capable of being evasive if needed.  She is good-natured and very kind to others.  She also likes pranking and lightly teasing friends, with Hamma usually being the main target since they have a slight rivalry that started since she first started dating TJ. She is usually positive, energetic, and cheery and can even bring a smile out of Shyster.  Like TJ, she isn’t all that social but she is very friendly; she prefers spends most of her time with TJ since she doesn’t really have a lot of friends and likes being around TJ anyway. Whenever she is not playing sports, busy with school, or with friends, she also secretly does gaming.  Her gaming skills are not known to anyone and she plays well in games ranging from plat-formers to RTS’s.  She keeps the gaming a secret because she is the main player that commonly defeats Hamma, Shyster, Koops, and TJ in a variety of games and does not want it to be known to them. She also is known to jog around the neighborhood in the early morning.

Yosh A. Tnao

Yosh Tano by R. Leos II

Yosh A. Tnao: A tech-geek friend of Hamma's; he is a Yoshi with skills in computers, programming & hacking, and a somewhat serious tone.  Yosh is the son of Harper Tano, a businessman Yoshi who was a co-founder of the Shy Guy Perplex Express, and Tauni, a native medicine woman Yoshi on Lavalava Island.  Like Hamma, his parents are not technically married; Yosh only gets to see his mother every so often so and it seems to why be Yosh is depressed some of the time.   He attended the same private school that Shyster attended, but he too was forced into public school, at Rogueport High, when his dad fell out with Tim and the two went their separate ways.  His dad did manage to get another job as Sales Manager of the Rogueport Shipping Co., but he and Yosh had to move Rogueport as a result. In Toad Town Elementary, he was one of many students who feared Hamma as a bully. After encountering him again in Rogueport High, he's still cautious around him but willing to give him a second chance after Hamma helped overcome a depressing period.  Yosh is a pretty smart student, but his skill is mainly in computers and technology; he even reluctantly serves as Hamma’s tech support.  Being a computer nerd, he is rather weak and not very athletic; he isn’t very good at sports either, but he is very skilled at PC gaming and is part of Hamma’s gaming group.  Yosh aspires to be a game programmer rather than a businessman like his dad.  He isn’t very social and, like Shyster, is rather reserved. He did have a girlfriend before, but the relationship didn’t last all that long.  While the break-up did depress him again for a while, during and after the relationship Yosh changed a bit in terms of personality; he became a little more social and even changed his look his bit.  In his spare time, Yosh does enjoy PC gaming, reading, and RC toys and devices.  He is also a secret anime fan.

Malia Bowetta

Malia Bowetta by R. Leos II

Malia Bowetta: Yosh's ex-girlfriend and a friend Hamma; she is a Birdo who can be somewhat flirtatious, has a kind and caring heart, and is obsessed with her collection of bows. Malia is often called Mali for short by many other guys that she knows, including Hamma.  She is the daughter of Melinda Bowetta, who runs a bow and ribbon factory.  She is from Rougeport where she spent a lot of her youth. Malia used to be shy and quiet, back mainly because she was upset over the death of her father while he was on the job as a city cop. Once she began to attend Rougeport High she saw this as a chance to become a new person. She became more social and started to hang around with other guys for a change including Hamma Jamma.  She is an average student at Rougeport High with average grades; although she takes business classes at the request of her mother since she wants Malia to take on running the factory.  Malia however wants to join the academy like her father.  She isn’t very athletic or that into sports; in fact, she seems to somehow avoid the Physical Education class with Coach Koopcovic without getting caught.  Given her social personality, she is very caring and good at listening to people’s problems and giving advice to help.  When one of her friends needs a shoulder to cry on or a hug to cheer up, she is usually there for them.  She often helps Hamma in these situations, since Hamma has helped her before from troubling guys.  She also a habit for collecting bows of all types, starting since her mother started running the bow and ribbon factory.  She prizes the big bow she wears on her head most of all in her collection and she is never seen without that bow on her head.  Whenever she has free time, she can be found engaging in her usual hobbies of rock climbing, and engaging in relaxing Yoga sessions.  She also has a secret interest in motorcycles and hopes to one day own one.

Parakarry Keech

Parakarry (PK) by R. Leos II

Parakarry (PK):
A friend of Hamma; he is a hardworking Paratroopa who works as a paper boy, has a positive attitude, and is eager to learn to fly.  Like TJ, he is mainly called PK (mainly by Hamma) for short. Parakarry was born in Koopa Tycoon Town where his dad works as a Delivery Koopa at KoopEx.  Since his father originally wanted to be mailman, Parakarry always aspired to become a mailman.  In 10th grade he transferred to Rogueport High because his old high school had closed down for reconstruction.  Since Rogueport is a bit of a distance, he has to move in with his mother who lives in Petalburg working as a shopkeeper.  He works as a paper boy around Petalburg to make some money for himself; however he is a bit clumsy with the papers and tends to misthrow or drop them.  While he may slow with delivering the papers, the citizens of Petalburg are always happy to see him making his rounds. He isn’t very coordinated nor is he very resilient. He doesn’t mind sports, but he isn’t super skilled in any sport due to his clumsiness, even in his flying.  As a Paratroopa he is trying to learn how to fly, but he does have trouble in doing so.  He never gives up though and is always willing to keep trying. While he may work six days a week in the afternoon and is sometimes busy, he will always enjoy chilling with his friends and relaxing when he can.  He also can often be found reading about the great Paratroopa Pioneers and listening to music in his spare time


Kooper Brol

Kooper by R. Leos II

Kooper: A friend of Hamma; he is a Koopa with a passion for adventure, courageous attitude, and hopes of being archeologist like Kolorado.  Kooper was born in Koopa Village as a neighbor of his idol Professor Kolorado.  Ever since he was an egg, he has admired Professor Kolorado which has sparked interest for adventure, exploration, and solving mysteries.  As an only child, he loved to go exploring around Koopa village but would often run into trouble with fuzzies.  At some point, he transferred over to Rogueport during his junior year as part of a foreign exchange student program.  It was there he met up with and became a new friend of Hamma.  After becoming part of Hamma's group, he became particular excited when he learned that Hamma liked adventure as well and could join with Hamma's friends for a group hike they do once a month. His physical skills are average, although he is very resilient due to his high stamina.  He can play just about any sport, but he only plays sports in which he is a part of a team.  He is more social than Hamma or Koops which has allowed him to become friends with just about everyone in Hamma’s circle of friends. In his spare time he enjoys adventure gaming with Hamma’s friends, joining Hamma and friends on hiking adventures, playing multiple trading card games, and reading archeological stories.

Lakilester Burch

Lakilester by R. Leos II

Lakilester: A friend of Hamma; he is a Lakitu who enjoys nature, likes to be cool, and tends to be chill.  He was born in Rogueport and has lived on west side his whole life with his mother.  His mother is more of a city lakitu and while his father preferred wide open fields like Flower Fields. His father is a lakitu in the Koopa Troop and because he is away quite a bit he had to move to Rogueport since his mother.  Lakilester was not happy about this but he felt that maybe he could enjoy city life. While he is okay with city life, a few trips to Flower Fields has made him want to move there as soon as he can.  Lakilester is typically a calm, carefree, and cool headed Lakitu who likes to be cool. He isn’t all that athletic either considering that he usually rides around in his cloud; he is capable of moving around without the cloud but he doesn’t really do it as much.  While he may be laid back, he is very friendly, kind, and caring of his friends; he is always available to listen to their woes and troubles. He tends to give out encouraging words and helpful advice when he can.  Lakilester is pretty social and gets along with just about anyone since he is mellow and very tolerable of others.  In his spare time, he enjoys floating around on his cloud, relaxing on the beach, and practicing his guitar.

Max the Chomp

Max the Chomp by R. Leos II

Max the Chomp: Max was abandoned at the age of three when Hamma and Shyster found him.  Shyster took the poor chomp and managed to nurse it back to health.  Shyster and Hamma planned to take him to the shelter but Shyster decided to keep the chomplet as his own pet. Since then, Shyster has been a more cheerful person as he always his pet chomp to look forward to seeing.  He named the chomp Max after his grandfather Maximillius Shyster.  He enjoys playing with Shyster and is often sad when Shyster is not around or is too busy to play with him.  He gets very excited when visitors come, especially Hamma, who Shyster likes to call Max's 'uncle' ; however, is not that friendly with Shyster's dad, Koops or TJ.  Max enjoys playing fetch with Shyster and the two can even work together as a thieving duo.  When he is by himself, he often will sleep and be as energetic as ever when Shyster comes home or Hamma comes to visit. 

Minor Characters (under construction)

  • Coach Koopcovic: The hard-drilling Physical Education coach of Rogueport High.
  • Prof Allan: The cold-hard-facts-pressing Science teacher of Rogueport High.
  • Ms. Kathma: The stern-but-still-friendly English teacher of Rogueport High.
  • Mr. Osgood: The loved-by-all-students Mushroom Hisotry teacher of Rogueport High.
  • Mrs. Habbate: Hamma's 10th grade caring and helpful English teacher.

Planned Characters (under construction)

These characters will play minor supporting roles or will have minor appearances in the The Life of Hamma Jamma. They are right now being planned but have yet to have their roles finalized.

  • Bamma Jamma: Hamma's brother; he is a considerate, cautious, and reflective Boomerang Bro.
  • Flare Jamma: Hamma's brother; he is a hot-tempered, spicy-food loving, and ready to fight Fire Bro.
  • Chill Jamma: Hamma's half-brother; he is a calm, relaxed, and "comical" Ice Bro.
  • Koopie Koo - A female Koopa with a positive attitude, cute looks, and focused personality
  • Ashley Cerared- A Shy Girl with skills in gaming, computer programming, and a cynical sense of humor similar to Shyster
  • Striker Twins - Friends of Hamma, twin pair of Koopas with a passion for soccer,;hanging around many girls, and being cool
    • Paco Striker - Older twin brother; a Koopa who wears an 01 jersey, black hair with red stripe, and willing to help Hamma with social problems
    • Zeke Striker - Younger twin brother; a Koopa who wears an 02 jersey, black hair with blue stripe, and willing to play soccer with Hamma
  • Pento Penguin: (to be added)
  • Dave Hammer: (to be added)
  • Sionna Colm: (to be added)
  • Roy: (to be added)

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