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Title Card copy

Title card artwork by R. Leos II

The Life of Hamma Jamma is a series starring a Hammer Bro. named Hamma Jamma, and his friends. Some characters who appear are returning characters from previous games such as Hamma and Koops from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door as well as Kooper and Parakarry from the original Paper Mario, as well as some original characters like Nick Shyster and Hanna Hanley.

The series mainly revolves around Hamma Jamma and his friends throughout Hamma's life in school and his adventures.  The timeline takes place in both young adult and adult years. The series willl also feature Hamma's brothers, family, and many other original characters.

Although the series makes connections with familiar Mario series characters likes Koops and Hamma, the series portrays them as different characters with different personalities, abilities, and even appearance to an extent.

The series will also make connections to many familiar places such as Rougeport, Pagoda Peak, Chai Kingdom and many others. The main series takes place the town of Rougeport, where Hamma and his friends spend most of their time during their high school years at Rougeport High School and where Hamma and his main friends continue to live in their later years. The starting timeline of the series (when Hamma and his friends are teenagers) takes place shortly after Mario enters the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser tries to conquer it; it is during the era where Peach recently took the throne and the Mushroom World is currently at peace.  Rogueport is far enough from Peach's castle to remain somewhat unaffected by Bowser's attacks.

The series will spawn some of its own games such as The Adventures of Hamma Jamma, Hamma Sluggers, Hamma Strikers and Hamma Racing.

Current Cast: see Cast

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