The Letter from the Black Crow (previously titled Notes from an Investigator) is a new IP by Locked Gaming to be released for PC, Wii U and Xbox 360. The Letter from the Black Crow is a police drama point 'n' click adventure based upon movies with the same genre and also real life stories. The game is published in an episodic format, similar to the Telltale's games. The Letter from the Black Crow was the only game revealed by Locked Gaming that was meant to be shown at FHS but when FHS came, techincal problems happened and Locked Gaming couldn't take part of it.

The story takes place in many locations of USA, starring a police investigator known as Bertram Burkham, an investigator born on Kolm, Germany who went to Dallas in USA when was 9 years old. The story is told in a non-linear way and it showcases many of Bertram's investigations from when he started on police to his later adventures as a veteran. The story showcases in great details many different crimes such as assastinations, suicides and the most controversial and most highlighted of the crimes, a school shooting.


Episode 1: The Unpleaseant Thoughts


"My name is Bertram Burkhaw, my enemies know me as the Black Crow but for the rest of the world i'm just an investigator. Today, I start writing my book, after finally retiring from 35 years of work at the Los Angeles Police Division as an investigator. For starters, I'm going to detail my case. The Fall of Innoncence."

CASE 1 - The Fall of Innoncence - Setember 8, 1980 - Higgins Hotel, Los Angeles

"This is one of the two cases I don't like to talk about. Because they involve children. In this case, Victoria Higgins, who fell off the famous Higgins Hotel building."

Case Information
Victim Scene of Crime Cause of Death
Victoria Higgins
Age: 10 - Student
Higgins Hotel, 9th floor Fall from a high distance.

Episode 2: The Two Shades of Grey


Episode 3: The Scarecrow


Episode 4: The Message That Nobody Saw

Episode 5: The Last Flight


The Letter from the Black Crow is a point 'n' click advenutre based on 90's games of the same genre but with some new twists. The player controls Bertram utilizing a cursor, which changes upon finding an item to highlight the things that the player can do with said item. The game switches gameplay mechanics when talking to people, specially witnesses. When talking to people, the player can ask about the crime subject, the location where the crime occoured or the person's involvement with the victims (if there is any) or with anyone or anything invovled with the crime location. When talking to witnesses, the player can highlight one part of their testimony on the notepad to save it for later, which makes up for the Truth-o-Meter gameplay mechanic, where Bertram questions the veracity of said testimony. He can only do this when interrogating someone. The Truth-o-Meter is shown as a mini smartphone-like device, which the player can recreate the situation said by the witness and point out any contradiction with the witness's testimony. If there isn't any, then the Truth-O-Meter then will record the situation said by the witness and save it on a video tape.

Another gameplay mechanic is called the Crime Theater, where the player utilizies everything they know about the suspect of the crime and the game will then re-enact the crime and it will make questions such as "Why X would do that?" or "Where X would get that?", the player can ask any question at any time but failing to do so will result wasting time. The game runs in an in-game clock that if the player doesn't resolves the case in that time then the case will be passed to another person and it will result in a game over. The game also utilizies combat in two specific situations but it is a fairly simple shooting game. The game has also different story sections or even different characters depending on which suspect the player puts on jail. Unlike other games of the same type, such as Ace Attorney, L.A. Noire, in The Letter from the Black Crow, the player can put on jail any suspect they thing and that suspect will be on jail until the player starts a new save file, even if the suspect isn't the actual culprit. This will result in some different situations, such as the media bashing on the police's decisions on sending the wrong person to jail, making the time limit shorter, the witnesses and suspects lie even more and if the player sends to jail someone that is close to a witness, then the witness will not even speak at all. If the player sends a gang leader to jail then he will be replaced by someone and the crimes will occour more frequently.

Aside from the main story missions, the player can also do mini side-missions which gives the player special abilities such as Sharp Eye, which allows to see items that you wouldn't normally see, and since the game is told in a non-linear plot, if the player gets a special ability while playing as a young Bertram then it will be passed on to the older Bertram and it is also passed on to the next episodes, in fact everything that the player does in an earlier episode will be passed over to the new episode.






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