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The Legends of Zelda: Epic Mix is a Zelda manga series inspired by Akira Himekawa's various zelda mangas and Hitoshi Ariga's Megaman Megamix manga. Each volume of the series corresponds to a different game.

Volumes and Chapters

  • Volume 1: Link's Quest (Based off of The Legend of Zelda)
    • Coming into Hyrule (Story of Link appearing in Hyrule) (Magazine original: 1987)
    • Link's Quest (Main LoZ story) (1987)
    • The Castle Zelda - No. 01 (bonus manga)
  • Volume 2: Shadow Link (Based off of Adventure of Link)
    • The Adventure of Link (Link journeys around the world to wake up Zelda) (1988)
    • My Own Shadow (vs. Shadow Link) (1989)
    • The Moblin Maze (Link competes in deadly tournament in a labyrinth) (1990)
    • The Castle Zelda - No. 02 (bonus manga)
  • Volume 3: To The Beginning (Based off of Link to the Past)
    • Book of Mudora (Story of the Book of Mudora and it's origins) (1991)
    • Aghanim's Plot (Link defeats Aghanim and foils his plan) (1992)
    • Tale of the Dark World (Link is transported to the Dark World and defeats the original Ganon) (1992)
    • The Castle Zelda - No. 03
  • Volume 4: Travel to Koholint (Based off of Link's Awakening and Link's Awakening DX)
    • The Wind Fish (Link appears on Koholint and awakens the Wind Fish to go back home) (1993)
    • Dragon of Color (The Color Dragon appears in a dungeon near Link's house and he has to solve puzzles to prove himself worthy of ultimate heroship) (1994)
    • Bonus Manga: Pixel Link (Bonus manga)
    • The Castle Zelda - Final No. 04 (Bonus manga) (Final Castle Zelda until much later)
  • Volume 5: Timeless Saga (Based off of Ocarina of Time)
    • The Deku Tree Death (Kokiri Link defeats monsters plaguing The Deku Tree but it is too late for it.) (1998)
    • Temple of Time (Link leaves his Kokiri life and travels into the future at the Temple of Time to save the day) (1998)
    • The Greatest Battle (Ganondorf ravages the past and Link must defeat him - and his true form, Ganon!) (1999)
    • Bonus Manga - Polygon Link (Bonus manga)
  • Volume 6: Tale of Masks (Based off of Majora's Mask)
    • Epona Story (Link sets his horse Epona free) (2000)
    • The Moon Ending (Skull Kid is possessed by Majora's Mask and starts to bring The Moon down) (2000)
    • Battle of Majora (Link opens Majora's Mask and battles Majora) (2000)
    • The Happy Mask Trader - Epilogue (bonus manga about The Happy Mask Trader)
  • Volume 7: Onox and Veren (Based off of Oracle games)
    • Oracle of Ages (story of OoA) (2001)
    • Oracle of Seasons (story of OoS) (2001)
    • Revenge of Ganon (Ganon, angry at being defeated by many links tries to defeat the current one) (2001)
    • Developer Manga - Oracle of Secrets (bonus manga about cancelled oracle game)
  • Volume 8: Vaati's Attack (Based off of Link to the Past: Four Swords)
    • Power of the Foursword (Link from Vol. 3 and 4 pulls the Foursword out of it's resting place to defeat Vaati and gets split into four!) (2002)
    • Return Trip (Link (now back to normal) goes through time to fix things Vaati has screwed up) (2002)
    • Dungeon of the Foursword Guardian (Evil versions of the Foursword Links have popped up in this temple!) (2002)
    • The Castle Zelda: Return No. 05 (bonus manga, first Castle Zelda in a while)
  • Volume 9: A Century's Flood (Based off of Wind Waker)
    • Tetra's Crew (after a long flood of hyrule, a girl named Tetra recruits a new Link for her pirate squad) (2003)
    • Gate to Hyrule (Tetra is actually the next Princess Zelda! And a boat Link finds called the Red Lion King is the king?) (2003)
    • Challenge of the Wind Waker (Ganondorf is reborn and the powerful Wind Waker can defeat him) (2003)
    • The Castle Zelda: No. 06 (bonus manga)
  • Volume 10: Vaati's Revenge (based off of Four Sword Adventures)
    • Return of Foursword (a new Link pulls the foursword again in order to defeat the newly awakened Vaati.) (2004)
    • Ganon's Trident (the force behind Vaati faces off against the new Foursword links.) (2004)
    • The Castle Zelda - No. 07 (Bonus manga)
    • Bonus Manga: Foursword Funnies (Bonus manga)
  • Volume 11: Picori Quest (based off of Minish Cap)
    • Picori Festival (Another new Link learns of the mysterious Picori and even gets a chance to become one!) (2005)
    • Vaati's Origin (Main part of Vol. 11 is the history of Vaati and how he almost tried to take over the Picori realm but failed. (2005)
    • The Castle Zelda: No. 08 (Bonus manga)
  • Volume 12: Twilit Saga (Based off of Twilight Princess)
    • Invasion of the Twilit (Twilit creatures attempt to invade the lands) (2006)
    • Zant the King (The king of the Twilit duels with a strange girl named Midna) (2006)
    • The Castle Zelda - Final No. 09 (bonus manga, last Castle Zelda manga)
  • Volume 13: Return to the Sea (Based off of Phantom Hourglass)
    • Ocean King (Link falls off Tetra's boat and washes up at the island of Ocean King Oshus!) (2007)
    • The Ghost Ship's Voyage (Link collects three captured fairies to raid the Ghost Ship, where Tetra is being held.) (2007)
    • Magic Metals (The only way to save Tetra for real is to collect three magic metals.) (2008)
    • Bellum's Depths (Link and Tetra defeat the demon Bellum) (2008)
  • Volume 14: Tracks of Time (based off of Spirit Tracks)
    • Cole (Zelda's soul is seperated from her body because of the demon Cole.) (2010)
    • Powers of the Phantom: Help Manga (bonus manga, guides people through using Zelda Phantom)
    • Attack of Demon Train Malladus (In the dark world, the demon train Malladus is stealing people!) (2010)
    • Bonus: Epic Mix Timeline (bonus manga, guides you through the different Links, Zeldas, Ganons, Vaatis, Tingles, and time periods!)
  • Volume 15: Sky People (based off of Skyward Sword)

Various Links

All Links appear in The Castle Zelda bonus manga and converse with themselves

  • First Link (Link in first two volumes)
  • Shadow Link (villain and namesake of Vol. 2)
  • Original Link (Link in Vol. 3, 4, and main link and Green Link in 8)
  • Pixel Link (Link from Bonus Manga: Pixel Link)
  • Kokiri-Hylian Link (Link from Vol. 5 and 6)
  • Shadow Kokiri-Hylian Link (appears in Vol. 5's temple of time as a foe)
  • Polygon Link (Link from Bonus Manga: Polygon Link)
  • Oracle Link (Link from Vol. 7)
  • Red Original Link (red foursword link in 8)
  • Blue Original Link (blue foursword link in 8)
  • Purple Original Link (purple foursword link in 8)
  • Evil Green Foursword Link (foe in 8)
  • Evil Red Foursword Link (foe in 8)
  • Evil Blue Foursword Link (foe in 8)
  • Evil Purple Foursword Link (foe in 8)
  • Seafaring Link (Link in 9 and 13)
  • Foursword Link (Main and Green foursword link in 10)
  • New Red Link (red foursword link in 10)
  • New Blue Link (blue foursword link in 10)
  • New Purple Link (purple foursword link in 10)
  • Shadow Foursword Link (foe in 10)
  • Picori Link (Link in 11)
  • Twilight Link (Link in 12, actually has a minor role)
  • Train Link (Link in 14)
  • Sky Link (Link in 15)

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