The Legendary Togepi is a Pokemon spin-off series about a togepi named.....Togepi and his best friend, a pikachu named.....Pikachu and his younger sister, Togeri (who debuted in The Legend of Togepi 3). Every time a new installment is being made, it is always released on Nintendo's latest handheld. The series was made because the Densetsu no Stafy series was only in Japan.


  • Published By: Nintendo
  • Genre: Platformer, Action-adventure
  • First Installment: The Legend of Togepi
  • Latest Installment: The Legend of Togepi XI: Windcorrupt Shell
  • Released In:
    • Japan
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Australia


Main Characters

  • Togepi: The main character of the series. He might be cute, but he can use his Egg Spin on bad guys.
  • Pikachu: He and Togepi accidentally became best friends in Green Grasslands when some yikks were torturing him. Ever since then, he always went with Togepi on his adventures.
  • Togeri: Togepi's tough younger sister. She trains the guards when Togepi is doing something else. Passage is too narrow? Switch to Togeri. Walls are too high? Switch to Togeri.
  • Caillou: The main antagonist of the series. He posesses the Quadribit of Power and his two main goals are to kill Togepi and take over Kainnet.

Secondary Characters

  • Pikachu's Family: When Pikachu and his younger siblings lost thier parents, Pikachu has been taking care of his brothers and sister ever since.

-Green Pichu: Pikachu's younger brother

-Pink Pichu: Pikachu's younger sister

-Red Pichu: Pikachu's younger brother

  • Papa Togkiss: Togepi's father and the king of Kainnet.
  • Mama Togekiss: Togepis mother and the queen of Kainnet.
  • Umapa: Pikachu's girlfriend. Yaki has a crush on her, so him and Pikachu don't get along at all.
  • Yaki: He thinks of himself as Togepi's rival when he's nothing that bad. Pikachu and him don't get along at all because they both have a crush on Umapa. He is also the first boss of every game.
  • Trunxen: An old tree that appears very early in every game. He is also Togepi's mentor.


The Legendary Togepi series
Title System Year Released
The Legendary Togepi Nintendo GameCube 2001
The Legendary Togepi 2 Nintendo GameCube 2003
The Legendary Togepi 3 Game Boy Advance 2004
The Legendary Togepi 4 Wii 2006
The Legendary Togepi 5 Wii 2008
The Legendary Togepi 6 Nintendo DS 2009
The Legendary Togepi 7 Nintendo DS 2010
The Legendary Togepi 8 Wii 2011
The Legendary Togepi 9 Nintendo 3DS 2012
The Legendary Togepi 10 Wii U 2013
The Legendary Togepi 11 Nintendo 3DS 2013

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