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The Legendary Star Warriors
Developer(s) Nixus
HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo NX, Nixus' upcoming console
Release Date(s)
Fall 2017
Single Player, Multiplayer
Genre(s) RPG, Action, Adventure
Series Kirby series
Predecessor Kirby: Planet Robobot

The Legendary Star Warriors is an upcoming game in the Kirby series. This game revolves around the Star Warriors (Kirby, Meta Knight, Knuckle Joe, etc) trying to save the universe from and unknown force.


One day, on the Planet Popstar, Kirby was walking through Wispy's Woods, when Kirby sees a space ship crash on Dedede's Castle. Kirby rushes to the scene and finds Meta Knight trapped inside his burning ship. Kirby rescues him and Meta Knight explains that he was fighting someone is space, but he forgets the rest. Kirby and Meta Knight set off into space.

World 1 - Floral Asteroid

Kirby and Meta Knight land on the Floral Asteroid, because the Floral Asteroid is the last place Knuckle Joe was heard from. TBA




Image Name Description Abilities
Kirby TLSW Kirby Kirby returns from crashing on the planet starlight. Kirby joins Meta Knight and many other star warriors to stop and unknown force. Inhaling, copying abilities, melee attacks
Meta Knight TLSW Meta Knight Meta Knight is found trapped in a UFO right while Kirby was walking through Wispy's Woods. Meta Knight joins Kirby and many other star warriors to stop an unknown force. Various sword (Galaxia) moves, Galaxia's true power, melee attacks
Knuckle Joe TLSW Knuckle Joe Knuckle Joe is found trapped in a cage beside his dead father and is rescued by Meta Knight. After Knuckle Joe is rescued, he promises to avenge his father. Knuckle Joe joins Kirby and many other star warriors to stop an unknown force. Melee attacks, Rising Break, Roundhouse, Vulcan Jab, Smash Punch


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