This article show the complete story of The Legend of the Crystal Chamber


The dark night colored colored the sky with charcoal color, while the latter seemed to spit lightning who came to tear from time to time. No light was able to land because a multitude of black clouds blocking the moon. On the dilapidated road, two cats ran to lose breath but tired, the female cat sat on the floor. The little kitten she held in her arms began to cry.

-The baby and i will not be able to go further, she said, consoling the child. 

The male cat looked at her, sighed and knelt beside him.

-I understand you're tired, Stella, but we must continue. 

Rumors were approaching, strident and harsh rumors that seemed to come of their worst nightmares. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck the tree next to what was the little family was refugee. These moved away from the fire resulting from impact. The cat put his hands on the shoulders of his wife, who had tears in his eyes. 

-What are we going to do? We have no place to flee now, she said, crying. Her husband wiped his tears. 

-Shortly Matter if he comes tonight, I want you to know that I still love you, you and the child, he said. 

He took the child to relieve his wife. The little kitten, understanding that he was in the arms of his father, calmed down, but rumors of the distant approached to the point of threatening. The small group started running, while the horizon was broken by lightnings as to accentuate the sense of danger. A desolate scenery blocked the way to cats. The ignorant, they rushed into the maze of this city abandoned for more than four centuries. Demonstrating that he knew the place, the cat took his wife and his son in different corridors with stone walls and where broken columns lying on the ground, branching off to the right and left. The family went into one of the underground rooms. The room was very well preserved because hidden thieves and looters, it had kept its walls covered with solid gold, the same material as the bench and small table that were there. Everyone fell silent, but two minutes later, loud noises were heard in the area. 

-Stella, I'll see what is happening at the top. If I do not return, ran up the fastest as you can, and saves the child ! 

-But ... 

Stella did not finish his sentence because the cat left the room like a whirlwind. She listened, but nothing happened. The kitten began to cry, tears that her mother had not the courage to comfort.


No sound came from the ruins that seemed to ashes because of the lack of light. A firefly, which seem to be no welcome in this place of darkness fell on the shoulder of Steven. This cat of about twenty-five years old took it in his hands.

-Come, my dear. I think I will have great need of your light.

He lit up the surroundings, but there was nothing abnormal. It was hard for Steven to leave his wife and his son, only he had to do it because it would save them at all costs. The cat gave way in silence while stroking the firefly, but suddenly, a brick nearly fell over him, the dodging at the last moment. The cat threw himself behind a column that might have already had the luster at a certain time and held his breath. 

-Idiot! I paris you fifty pieces of money that you have hurt, said a voice. 

-It's Not my fault, the brick is left alone, said a second. 

-Stop and return with others! They cried a voice that was familiar to Steven. 

Aimed his target, breathed deeply, clasped his hands and suddenly opened. A ball of blue light hit the hidden form at the speed of lightning. As driven by a force, the victim went against his will hit with full force the stone wall and fell to the ground. Steven came out of hiding and attacked his opponent. Then began a duel, where kicking, fist blows, and complex spells -that I could transcribe here-mingled, but soon, both fighters had to realize that he was force equal. The black shape took off his mask, revealing a dog in icy stare and peeling of the same color as the night sky. 

-I thought you were potting Steven, he growled. And say you never wanted to cooperate! It took me to follow you in all the five worlds! You kidding me like it seems! 

-I never cooperate with someone who wants to treat his own ambitions, even if that someone was my best friend. Please, Razom, becomes the Razom i knew child. He who was a proud dog, loyal and strong, not that I see next to me today is greedy, jealous and mad. I beg you, stop this evil. 

-No! I want the crystals, and you give them to me! 

The fight resumed, but it quickly turned in favor of Razom through its warriors warned by the noise. Seeing shapes hidden semblance to his opponent coming from all sides, Steven tried what magic teacher would have called a folly. He jumped very high, so high that no one came to achieve. The cat landed unharmed on an elevated platform. He gestured with his arms and a blue beam struck the warriors trying to reach it, but Steven look still on Razom, who had his hand in his armor. Suddenly, he threw a ball that landed just in front of the cat. "Oh no!" said Steven. He only had time to jump off the platform exploded behind a purple smoke. "A Melzorian capsule. His works all the blows. "Said Razom. 

-Go Get me his body. He said to his warriors. 

Other loyally, but they returned empty handed just five minutes after their departure. 

-We Have not seen anything, they said. 

-What! You want to believe me he is still alive after such a fall?

-But since they have told you that it is no longer there! Resumed his warriors. 

-Well be, it is no longer there, but it loses nothing by waiting. Meanwhile, try to find his wife and son. I want the complete family.  

In the piece increasingly dark, Stella waited. It had been three hours she was here with her son. Three endless hours waiting Steven ... who did not return. Fearing the worst, The cat finally decided, took his son left the room quietly. Running, tears began to flow down on his face, but she even did care because the cat was trying somehow to comfort her kitten crying too. Stella was afraid when she heard footsteps behind her. Pussy quickened the pace, knowing that the noise came from nearby, but his pursuer did not let go either. Suddenly a black shape stood in his way. The cat screamed and changed direction. Without warning, another form slipped before her. Ensnared, Stella hugged her son against her. 

-Give me your son. It said one of the forms, which was larger than the others. 

-I never give you my son! He is my son! You do not have the right to take me! Cried the cat. 

The shape made a move and snatched the little hands. The poor little kitten tear wept in the ears. -No! Cried his mother. In a surhuman effort (or suranimal), she freed herself from the grip of one of the forms and jumped. She gave a kick directly to the one that took her son. The shape dropped the kitten but hit the female cat, who fell to the ground and breathed his last sigh, while the baby was rolling into the bushes.  

Two days later, in those ruins, a scientist and his guide were trying to find their way, which was not evident in this maze.

-Professor, I think we are going in circles, said the guide, desperate. 

-Come in here to see, replied the scientist. 

Then they came to a course which cut their breath so the nature flourished and resumed his duties. Stone chips covered what remained of free soil as a species of unknown heather botanists occupied most of the available space. Thinking of his discovery of the century, the scientist approached and knelt in the soft earth. It was at this point that low weeping was heard.

-What is it? The guide asked, puzzled. 

-I do not know, but her comes from bushes, said the scientist. He approached and reached into the thicket of wild roses and lilies crawling off a fragrance that can confuse even the greatest perfumers. 

-Give me your machete Johadi, he asked. 

-After a stroke, he freed a small kitten crying loudly. 

-But what are you doing here? He said softly, caressing the scientist. 

He gave her a bottle he was preparing usual for sick children he used to heal. The little greedily gulped and began to purr. 

-Well, It must long as you have not eaten, you, he said. 

-Do You have an idea where to find her parents? asked the guide. 

-No, but I bring it, otherwise it will starve, replied the scientist. 

-The little kitten fall asleep. 

-In Any case, my already adopted him, the man laughed.

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