The Legend of the Crystal Chamber
Developer(s) Sonic Team
Publisher(s) Sega
Platform(s) Xbox One
Release Date(s)
Story, Open World, Free Play
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer, Beat-them-all
Series The Legend of the Cristal Chamber
Predecessor -
Successor The Legend of the Cristal Chamber : The dark ages
Media Included Compact Disk

The Legend of the Crystal Chamber is platform game turning sometimes like a Beat Them-All. Developed by Chronicles Studios, this game was published by Sega and released on NX, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and 3DS  on February 14, 2017. The game was created primarily to compete the Nintendo game Hyrule Warriors, so this is the reason why the game keeps some elements of the gameplay of a Classic Zelda game, such as the dungeons and the open world. This game marks the beginning of the popular series The Legend of the Crystal Chamber that follows the adventures of Jet the cat and his friends Max the Falcon Fist and the Tasmanian tiger. 


The game puts the player controls a team of characters (of course, the player controls one character at a time and the characters not controlled by the players are controlled by the artificial intelligence) in the levels of each worlds, each worlds containing 15 levels and a dongeon. The player can explore as long as he wants, but always get to the end of the level to finish this level. Sometimes, the game takes on the appearance of a beat-them-all, because you have eliminate all of the enemies to continue. Like in most games of the The Legend of Zelda series, the player must cross the dungeons to fight the boss of the world. In all, there five dungeons and five boss, one for each worlds. When the player defeat the boss, he recover a power crystal, which will allow it to open a new world in the Crystal Chamber.

The Crystal Chamber

The legendary Crystal room is the game menu, or you can do things like change the look of your favorite character, equip your avatar Xbox for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 version or equip your mii for the NX and the 3DS version. he equipment is findable in some places of the worlds, and is accessed by the main mode, the adventure. When the player starts a game, the camera approaches the pedestal where the crystals are supposed to rest. Initially, the  pedestal has only one crystal, the crystal of the world of Loncegare, but will you defeat bosses, more crystals will fill the pedestal, which will allow you to enter the worlds gates inaccessible at the start.

History of Universe

The universe of Ceatorskane is divided into five worlds, each world has its peculiarities and its own people. Initially, there were only four peoples, and each world had a people worthy to settle there. During the great cataclysm, two parts were detached from their original world, smashed together and thus created a new world, where all animal species, taking more and more importance on Teria (earth) were deemed worthy to settle.there. Later, after the war against Temnor, Emperor of the Darkness, it was decided by the board of the worlds that the power crystals, the crystals controlling the opening of doors, are locked in a secret place. This place called the Crystal Chamber, it is in fact in above the middle of the worlds. Steven, a young Loncegare cat with a pure heart was chosen to be the guardian of the chamber and to control the gates of the worlds. To protect the crystals, Steven uttered a spell making the crystals could no longer manifest to him and his descendants.


To see the complete story, see here

In the universe of the five worlds, the guardian of the Crystal Chamber (the Crystal Chamber control the openings of the worlds doors) has disappeared. Because de wars rumors, the great sage Hazim sends his student Max to seek the son of the last guardian. Five years later, when Max find Jet, the son of the guardian, the cat is reciting to leave the world of Loncegare, his homeworld. Finally, after a secret society attack on the Sybulailla city, Jet agreed to go to the Crystal Chamber.


There are four playable characters in the game and another playable in the prologue.

Characters Name Description Species Type Special Move
Jet Jet is the son of the last Cristal Chamber guardian. Cat Technique Cristal Jet
Max the Falcon
Max (Mehag)

Max, of his real name Mehag, is the descendant of the last Loncegare king Imbraham-Gol.

Eagle Fly The son of Imbraham-Gol
Fist Fist is the last representative of the Tasmania Tiger Tasmania Tiger Power Tasmania tiger power
Cathie (Lina) Cathie, of his real name Lina, is the Jet girl friend. Cat Speed Lightning run
Steven Steven, the last Cristal Chamber guardian and the Jet father has disappeared in strange circumstances Cat Technique Cristal Control

Non-Playable characters (Helper)

Character Name Description Species World origin
Coming Soon Hazim Hazim is the Great Sage of the Loncegare world, and he is the Max master. He is immortal, and and it is he who has imprisoned the Demon Saphorro into nothingness. Dog Loncegare
Coming Soon Dr. Davidson Dr. Davidson is a great Teria scientist and he through the worlds for help the people which need his help. Human Teria
Coming Soon Nick J. Reften Nick is human controling the earth and a justiciary on a the futuristic Teria world, where almost everybody control a element. With the name of Black Jaguar, Nick fight against the crime. Human Teria

The Five Worlds

World Name Peoples characteristics
Coming Soon Teria Humans The humans called hier world "The Planet Earth". In the game, the Teria world is futuristic, in the year 2080.
Coming Soon Loncegare Animals The Loncegare world in the first world you see in the game. this world is the home to all of the animals species.
Coming Soon Erane Elfes, dwarfs, Mages A enchanted world, where the kings fights against the others kings for expend heir kingdom. This world is a world often at war.
Coming Soon Sorgot Orcs, Icenakens A ice dead world where the Shadow emperor, Temnor holds its grip. Just orcs and others darks creatures living here.
Coming Soon Malir Elfes, dwarfs This world take place in the sky, because the inhabitants live on a floating islands.
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