Key Items

Image Name Description
Quest Book This book keeps track of all your activities, press the minus button to use it.
Map This is your map of Hyrule, you have to find a way to fill it with content.
Ocarina You can use this instrament to play songs, not very suprising.

Equipable Items

Image Name Description
Boomerang TWW Boomerang This Boomerang has been infused with a magic gem that allows it to return to a person after they throw it no matter what.
Bomb Bag This Bag is used for caring Bombs of all types. It can hold up to one hundred normal sized bombs.
Iorn Boots These boots were gifted to you by King Zora, they make you really heavy and slow, and strong. They even let you walk under water, and at a normal speed no less. You can wear these over normal boots aswell.

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