Image Name Telu's Description
Eponaa Epona That's your horse Epona! She can be conrolled by you or simply ride twords a becon on your map. She can jump over fences and doesn't run into trees very often.
Horse That's a Horse, they can be contorlled manually or ride towrds beacon on your map.They can jump over fences, they aren't as fast or stable as your horse, but sometimes they're he only way to travel.
Bullbo That's a Bullbo, these boars are the steads of Bokoblins and Moblins. You can ride them too, although they're a bit tougther to control than a horse, sometimes they're the only option.
Turtle That's a Turtle, these guys live in Zora's River, they ussally stay still, but if you swim onto one you can ride it like a boat.

Normal Creatures

Image Name Telu's Description
Chiri That's a Chiri, these small birds are found all over hyrule. They come in many diffrent colors like Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and White. If you stach one you'll get it's feather but if you kill it it'll drop meat, yum.
Duck That's a duck, their birds that live all over Zora's Domain. They act like Geese, but they drop a diffrent kind of feather, also they're ducks, not geese.
Cow That's a cow. These animals are good for farms as they make delicous milk and meat.
CuccoSSB4 Cucco That's a Cucco, conspiricy theorist claim these chicckens are acually gods have ruled Hyrule for eons. They are used to lay eggs and their feathers are good material, just don't anger them.
Rat These little pests live in caves all around the world. They'll hop at you and steal you Material, kill it to get it back.
Deer That's a dear, these magestic animals roam forests and fields. If you want deer meat I sugest useing their bow as very few have ever been close to one.
Golden Deer That's a Golden Deer. They're extreamly rare and are faster than normal deer. Killing one won't drop meat but rather their fur, legend has it that their fur can make magical clothing. Cool right!
Dog That's a dog, it's like a wolf but snuggly-er. You humans have so many dogs, but I'd say wolves are better compains in the wilderness.
Frog That's a frog, or is it a toad, I don't know or care! Anyway these little guys hop real high and fast, but if you catch one they can make a good ingerdient in a meal.
Goat That's a goat, it's kind of like a smaller less uesfull cow with horns. Wait cows have horns.Anyway goats can make milk and drop meat when killed, but it heals less than cows. Also I'm allergic to goats. Stupid goats.
Peahat That's a Peahat, it's a weird flying plant thing. They like to fly in a repeateive patern. If you had something to latch onto them with maybe they could be really useful.
Cat That's a cat, they little creatures live in human populations like dogs, but they're a lot less... ... They don't do to much on their own aside from eating pests, but some people REALLY like their cats.
Snake That's a snake, they live under rocks or in caves. They'll usally slither away, but they might bite, they only do one quarter heart of damge though.
Hawk That's a Hawk, these birds can be controlled if you use this grass that doubles as a whistle.
Rabbit That's a rabbit, these fluffy creatures live everywhere and they hop around, you can kill it or catch it. It's really cute though so I kind of don't want you to kill it.
Squirel This little rat with a fluffy tail climbs up trees and sometimes will jump at you and steal material. They are so pesty, kill it to steal back your material.
Tortise These little guys live on moutains and crawl around slowly unless they get scarred, then they hide in their shells, those shells are a favoired material by blacksmiths, so I sugest stock pileing them.




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