Main Characters

Image Name Telu's Description
Link N/A
Telu N/A
Umbra Unknown
Lord Gannon Unknown
Skiddo Unknown

Supporting Characters

Image Name Telu's Description
Beedle Beedle That's Beedle! He's a friendly merchant who rides on a flying thingy of technology. I Know how it works! I'm just don't feel like explaining. Anyway, he's a cool dude, he gives a map of the genral area we're in for free, and he sells and trades stuff to you.
Sahasrahla That's Sahasrahla, he's the village elder of Kakariko Village and has been for centeries. Nah I kid, I think... Anyways he's in changre of the town and gives premistion if one can go to Death Moutain or not.
Dabarus That's Dabarus, he's the cheif of the Gorons. This guy is very cooperative, he's just going to give us the Pendant of Power. I also bet he'd rock at dancing to forest music.
Arawanana That's Arawanana, he's a reaaly old Zora who lives alone in on a small island in Lake Hylia. He saw us sail here and gave us the Zora Flippers. I wonder if he'll give us anything eles if we're nice to him.
King Zora That's King Zora, King of the Zoras. He has this giant unerwater palace, that's really cool. What's not cool is that he lost the Pendant of Wisdom, which isn't very wise. And we have to get it from a giant temple underneath some random rocks because he WON'T GET OFF HIS FAT SCALEY... sorry, I'll stop.

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