Image Name Telu's Description
Aquamentus Aquamentus That's Aquamentus. These larged uni-horned dragons are found in large dead trees. It's said many heroes kill Aquamentuses to prove themselvs worthy to the Gods. They can spit three fire balls at once and hover with it's wings for a few seconds. It can do three hearts of damage so you better be on the look out!
Big Octo Big Octo Eek! That's a Big Octo. They can swollen entire boats! Those eyes can also shoot lasers, which is quite weird. Hit him with projectiles 'till his health meter runs out.
Queen Gohma (Hyrule Warriors) Gohma Her again, well technically this is a different one than the one at the Forest Temple. She still does two hearts of damage, stun her with your Boomerang and hit her eye. Also watch out for the larvae.

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