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A demo for an upcoming Legend of Zelda game alongside a trailer. was released at an E3 event. The plot of the game is unknown, and it does not have a title yet. The demo ran for 90 minutes per session and had Link and his fairy companion Telu be able to explore the areas of Hyrule Field, Death Mountain, and Zora’s Domain, alongside the outskirts of several otherwise unexplorable areas including a mountain range, a desert, and a vast forest.


Not much is known about the story of this game, the demo starts out after Link has beaten the Forest Temple, the first dungeon in the game, and is now able to explore the areas of Death Moutain and Zora's Domain. What little is know about the story has been found out through NPCs, and item's descriptions. Based on contex clues Link's friend Skiddo was kidnaped by Lord Gannon, the evil king of the Moblins. Somehow Link met up with a Fairy named Telu and a elusive character named Umbra, who has connections to the Royal Family of Hyrule. Skiddo, Gannon, and Umbra have not been seen in gameplay yet. Umbra tells link to get Pendants of Virtue, and Link gets the Pendant of Courage at the forest temple after deafeating a Gohma. Link and Telu now have to get the other two pendants from the Goron and Zora tribes.


LoZ Demo Map

Map of Hyrule.

The explorable geography of Hyrule is similar to that of “Twilight Princess”, specify the areas of Hyrule Field, Lake Hylia, Zora’s River, Zora’s Domain, Kakariko Village, and Death Mountain. However though there are several major changes. Link can now climb up places he couldn’t in “Twilight Princess” though the use of his stamina, and loading screens only exists when Link goes to the three main areas of the map. Additionally the locations of settlements has been altered, where Hyrule Castle and Castle Town once stood is now just an unnamed lake that Link will automatically die in if he swims towards the center. Additionally Kakariko Village is now where the area of Hyrule Field known as Kakariko Gorge was, and “Twilight Princess” Kakariko Village was is now just part of a Death Mountain’s base inhabited by animals and monsters such as Bokoblins, Tektites, Kargoroks, and Chuchus. In the south part of Hyrule Field exists Lon Lon Ranch and Ruins of a town. There are several areas including a large tree and a pool under suspicious rocks that if Link enters will trigger the demo to end. Additionally if Link talks to the Goron chief Dabarus about obtaining the Pendant of Power, he will lead Link to an isolated room with the Pendant only for the floor to collapse underneath them and causing the demo to end. It is likely these three locations house dungeons. In order for Link to fill the areas on his map he will need to shoot his Bow at a bell on Beedle’s shop air shop, this causes his shop to lower and Link to enter, doing so will let Link get the map of the area for free as well as sell link minor items, and trade materials for Rupees.

Link, Epona, and Gameplay

Link and Telu start out in front of stairs south of the unnamed lake, and south east of Link is Epona. Link’s equipment include a Hylian Sword, a Deku Shield, an Explorer’s Bow, twenty Arrows out of fifty, the Champion Shirt, Hylian Trousers, and the quest items the Boomerang , Quest Book, a map of Hyrule, a Horse Whistle and the Pendant of Courage. Link also has four heart containers. Link controls similarly to Link from “Breath of the Wild”, he can run, climb, roll, jump, Z-Target and get Tatles on certains things with the help of Telu, wear different clothes, use his weapons, shields, and bow. Link has a temperature, sound, and stamina gauge, similar to his “Breadth of the Wild” counterpart. Link can collect material and weapons, Link is able to cook these materials to make Food. Link can also ride Epona and although he can control Epona’s movement, however Epona can also go on a “auto pilot” mode where she will go straight unless something is in her way in which case she will make a turn around it and go straight in the direction she turned. Link can shoot his bow on Epona and jump off her. Link can also do a Flurry Rush by timing his attacks and jumps. Time will pass simmilar to "Breath of the Wild" where one real world minute equals about an hour in the game, however a new day sytem has been inplemented, with the days Starting at Sunday and ending on Saturdays. In this game Link resembles his "Skyward Sword" and "Breath of the Wild" incarnations heavily, yet he is left handed. Epona resembles her "Ocarina of Time" and "Twilight Princess" incarnations but is heavily geared like her "Breath of the Wild" incarnation.



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Key Items

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Weapons (Swords, Shields, Bows, Etc.)

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