This is The Legend Of Zelda Battle Royal secret character

that you have a chance unlock a new character by single combat similar to Super Smash bros (if you ever lose the fight the character will not unlock but you will again face after achieving once classique this action mode will repeat I ntil you win the fight)

Name Unlock method 1 Unlock Method 2
Darunia Plays 10 time with Saria paid 100000 rupee
Ruto Plays 10 time with Sheik paid 100000 rupee
Deku Princess Plays 5 time with Ruto & Darunia paid 150000 rupee
Fi Plays 15 time with Ghirahim paid 150000 rupee
Hilda Plays 15 time with Ravio paid 200000 rupee
Aghanim Plays 30 total time with Ganondorf & Impa paid 400000 rupee
Rauru Plays 30 total time with Link & Zelda paid 400000 rupee
Byrne Plays 35 time in Slash mode paid 500000 rupee
Aryll Plays 50 time with toon Link ( Link's pallet swap) paid 1000000 rupee
Veran Plays 50 time with Past Zelda (Zelda Palett Swap) paid 1000000 rupee
Zant Plays 50 time with Midna paid 1000000 rupee
Skull Kid Plays 150 total hours of game paid 1500000 rupee
Linebeck Plays 70 total time with Tetra or Toon Link (??? palett swap) paid 2000000 rupee
Yuga Plays 70 total time with Hilda or Ravio paid 2000000 rupee

Update 1.2

in 1.2 Update 4 character have been added

Name Unlock method 1 Unlock Method 2
Great Fairy
Young Link

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