The Legend of Zelda (also known as The Legend of Zelda: The Tale of the Reborn Hero in Asia) is a 2016 anime produced by Production I.G and broadcasted through television station Tokyo MX and anime streaming service Crunchyroll. It is the first new original Nintendo-based anime ever since Kirby: Right Back at ya!/Kirby of the Stars. The anime is not a direct adaptation of any installment of the series, instead creating a new storyline featuring many characters and settings from various Zelda installments.

The anime stars Link as a farm boy living far off from the kingdom of Hyrule. The age of darkness is about to begin with the king of the Gerudos Ganondorf taking over the kingdom of Hyrule, while the princess Princess Zelda disappearing. The people hope for the hero of the Triforce prophecy, the wielder of the Triforce of Courage, to appear and end Ganon's takeover. However, no one knows whom the hero might be. This makes Link's farm friend Linkle, a girl who seeks to be a legendary hero, to claim herself to be the hero of the prophecy and as such embark in an adventure, with Link tagging along to make sure she's safe.

The anime is set to start airing in late 2016.



Main Cast

Link A farm boy without any ambitions in life. Having grown in a rural section of Hyrule, he has never visited the kingdom itself and it is not interested in the happenings of the kingdom, who is dragged into the whole mess by Linkle's ambition to be a hero. Calm, serious and protective of her friend, Link usually serves as the everyman in the plot.

Voice Actor: Jason Liebrecht (Flag of USA) / Yuki Kaji (Flag of Japan)

Linkle A farm girl who seeks to get out of the farm and become a legendary hero herself. Linkle takes cares of the chickens and when she isn't doing that, she trains her aiming skills with a homemade crossbow. After hearing about the Ganondorf take over and the Triforce prophecy, she proclaims herself to be the wielder of the Triforce of Courage and embarks on an adventure to save Hyrule. Eccentric, talkative and a bit a loof.

Voice Actor: Michelle Ruff (Flag of USA) / Mikako Komatsu (Flag of Japan)

Princess Zelda The princess of the Kingdom of Hyrule who has gone missing ever since the Ganondorf take over. She doesn't appears during the early parts of the anime, although she is referenced many times by others.
Sheik A Hyrulian warrior who claims to be the last of his kind. He follows the heroes along their adventure, assisting them and making sure that they are safe from the danger. Known to be a talented musician, Sheik is usually seen with a harp, of which he utilizes to perform unique compositions with magical proprieties to them. Well-spoken, philosophical, Shiek offers great advice for troubles to come.

Voice Actor: Venus Terzo (Flag of USA) / Jun Mizusawa (Flag of Japan)

Impa Zelda's bodyguard, whom looks for the disappeared princess. A tall Amazonian warrior, Impa swore loyalty to the kingdom of Hyrule and to protect the princess at all costs although she states that she failed to protect the princess when she was most needed. Although on her own for the adventure, Impa offers help when the main protagonists come along. A wise tactician skilled with a blade, Impa is a fearsome warrior.

Voice Actor: Nicole Karrer (Flag of USA) / Aki Nagao (Flag of Japan)

Supporting Cast


Ganondorf N/A
Twinrova N/A
Agahnim N/A
Dark Link N/A
Veran N/A
Onox N/A


Season One

The first season is separted into two arcs: The Hero of the Legend, that goes from episodes 1 through 13 and Ressurection of Evil, that goes from episodes 14 through 26. The first arc is based off Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past, while the second arc is based off Zelda II: The Legend of Link and Oracle of Ages/Seasons.

Ordon Village
In a surprise attack, the King of the Gerudos Ganondorf manages to take over the kingdom of Hyrule. During the attack, Zelda's bodyguard Impa is sent to the battlefield to help assist the other forces and in the aftermath, the princess has disappeared. The people of Hyrule starts praying for the hero of the legend to help them in the darkest of times. Cut to the Ordon Village, where Link and Linkle are doing their daily tasks in the farm when their friend Malo comes from Hyrule, warning the others about the chaos that is going on there. Linkle, however, decides to take this as a change to show herself as the hero she think she is. The elders of the village disapprove of Linkle's plans, although she decides to go out when no one is awake. Going to the Lost Woods, she thinks that she has managed to succesfully sneak out of the village only to Link appear and scare her. Link sees that there is no way to change Linkle's mindset about her ideas and decides to go along with her to provide her safety. They attempt to go to Hyrule by horse, but the horse is scared off by a Skull Kid, forcing them to take the slow path through the Lost Woods.
Lost Woods
Lake Hylia
Hyrule Field
Kakariko Village
Hyrule Castle
Desert of Mystery
Eastern Palace
Death Mountain
Tower of Hera
House of Gales
Outside Ganon's Tower
Ganon's Tower




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