The story of 'Valley of the Flood' is separated into three acts; The Still, The Fall and The Void.

ACT I - The Still

The Traveller

A mysterious, self-proclaimed traveller and swordsman, known as "Link", claims to be the descendant of the Legendary Hero of Time himself. Out of the few he has actually consulted, many remain skeptical. Despite only setting foot in the Commons and Low Settler Sectors, he is notorious in these areas for his bold acclaim.

During his travels in the High Commons Sector, Link confronts his distant, younger sister, Jena, a skilled caretaker and practitioner trainee who is travelling with their mother to the 100th Jubilee of Ages, a festival spanning over months, celebrating the legend of the Hero of time, the reign of the Royal monarch and the bringing of fruitful cultivation. Link decides to tag along the journey—the reunited family on their way to Hyrule Castle Town, making their way through the Settlers Sector to the Culturists Sector in a half-days trip.

The Jubilee

The very next day, the Jubilee of Ages commences, led by the Princess Zelda.

During the festival, a savage hoard of monsters, controlled by a mysterious cloaked figure, suddenly attacks the town. Link gets into action and defends the town but unfortunately looses his sword in the process. Link later tries to confront the Princess about ‘important matters’, but is later dismissed. Frustrated, Link decides to infiltrate Hyrule Castle.

Hyrule Castle

Link successfully infiltrates the outer walls, progressing further throughout the castle, finally making it to the inner walls of the Castle. Heavily guarded, Link decides to not get involved with any head on combat, sneaking past stealthily making his way to a grand, empty hall where a tall figure had waited to confront him. The tall figure lunges and attacks without hesitation. The two begin a messy battle, using their surroundings to fight back one another. A voice heard from Princess Zelda sounds a command as the fight comes to an abrupt end, revealing the tall figure to be 'General Impa'.

Link finally gets the chance to have a talk with the Princess but has a hard time convincing her that he is the Hero of Time. Though she still wasn’t convinced, she viewed Link as a ‘helpful tool’, sending him off on a quest to collect the three Sacred Earth. Link accepts the quest and receives a new sword in 'turn.

As Link departs from Hyrule Castle, he is encountered by a mysterious being who calls itself 'Lejv'; a supposed spirit in the form of a small, golden leaf who was apparently following Link the whole time for reasons he ‘cannot explain’. Despite Link’s efforts to ‘shoo’ it away, the persistent spirit tags along as a compulsive companion.


ACT II - The Fall

Sacred Earth - Terra's Reserve"

Link locates a swamp located in the Kokiri/Faron Province. As he progresses further in, the mining shaft is in current motion but, seemingly, no bodies present to maintain it.


Sacred Earth - Obsidian Shaft"


Sacred Earth - Vale's Spring"


A Tower of Gods

After Link and Lejv have collected all three Sacred Earth, they head off to the ‘Devine’s Meeting’ as instructed by Princess Zelda. Finally reaching the top of the tower, Link hands the Sacred Earth to Princess Zelda, using them to enhance the reading from the Gods.

A Chance Meeting

During Zelda’s reading, the team is suddenly confronted by the cloaked figure from the Jubilee Attack. Introducing himself as ‘Lupin’, he attempts to interfere with the Princess’s reading. With the aid of Impa, Link tries to finish him off, but fails as Lupin scathes Zelda but then forfeits, as if he was there for an entirely different reason.

The Reading

Though Zelda was hurt, she had still successfully received the reading, announcing the 'resurrection' of a dark being.

Zelda immediately orders Link to find the three Triforce pieces, but he must first recover the Master Sword. With the cryptic message from the gods still in mind, Link and Lejv head off to recover the legendary blade.

ACT III - The Void


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