The Legend of Zelda Twilight Queen is the sequel to TLoZ: TP. Made by Bucky989. 2 years after the destruction of ganondorf link has finally recovered all of the pieces of the Twilight Mirror and has returned to the Twilight Realm and has met Minda and her..........MOTHER! Sadly her mother (Madina) had been on a mission of her own. Turns out Zant is Mindas father. So one night out of desperation she has returned Zant and Ganondorf. Only now Ganondorf now has the ability to alter the triforce and do much more powerful magic. So Link now must track down the pieces of the now broken Tri-Force.


The 9 dungeons as follows are=

  • Hyrule Castle= Very basic intro level, obtains the Tri-bow a bow in need of arrows, boss is a dark knight
  • Ganondorfs Castle= The home where Ganon grew up, obtains the Tri-rod a rod that unleashes a large amount of light and has vaporizaten power, boss is the gerourdos giant prisioner
  • Palace of the Sky= The Occos have built a palace to govern their city, obtains the Heavy boots, boss is a large dragon
  • Zora Ocean= The effects of the soon to be great flood has over flown Lake Hylia, obtains Zora Knight Armor and the Tri-shot, boss is a giant sea serpent
  • Sacred Wood= This peaceful wood has dark secrets, obtains two diffrent one-handed swords the Master and Twilight sword, boss is the Guardin of the Wood
  • Snowpoint Domian= A massive City mad by Yota and Yeta the Yetis, obtains the Ball and Chain, boss is a massive corrupt yeti who wants to take ver the city

and thats only in Hyrule! The last Three are in the realm of Ganondorf! A place where ganondorf has made a dark copy of Hyrule!


Link- Protaginist and hero

Epona- Link trusty steed

Zelda- With the help of Midna she helps Link through his adventures

Midna- With the help of Zelda she helps Link through his adventures

Ganon- The antaiognist of the game

Labrey- A saleswoman who sells wares like arrows, health, three diffrent armors, 2 swords, etc. Found in all cities, dungeons, and various important locations

Madina-Midna's mother and the second to final boss

Zant-Mindas father, third to final boss


TLoZ: TQ is avalible to play on the Wii and PS3 the gameplay is basiclly the same on the Wii as in TLoZ: TP, however PS3 is diffrent you move with left joystick change the right joystick to change the camera zone. Select activates the armory menu Start activates the pause menu. R2 activates the Tri-bow R1 activates the Tri-rod, up on the d-pad activates the heavy boots, R1 activates the Tri-Shot, L2 activates the Ball and Chain, X activates Actions like talk, buy, sell, select, etc. Square swings the blade, Triangle activates the spin attack, Circle targets objects, enemies, charaters, etc. There is also other various controls learned through out the game.


In Twilight Queen you mainly play as Link in Hylian form and Wolf form, there are parts where you play Zelda, Midna, Epona, Chickens, Occos, and even Ganon!Zelda and Midna play various stages. You play as Epona when Link whistles for Epona this part you race towards the now stationary link. Chickens and Occos when you hit them repeadtely. You play as ganon every time your about to enter the dungeons boss exept for when link is to battle him. Ganon slightly effects the story and gameplay on links part and you go on raids and infiltraitens.

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