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The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Ocre is the final game in adult timeline.


Hulaya Island

Cursed Island

Dungeon(s): Haunted Palace, Cursed Cavern, Sun Cave.

Tour Island

Shiny Island

Dungeon(s): Shine Rock, Pastratos, Mirrage Millenium, Sun Temple.


Dungeon(s): Treck Ruins, Ancient Base, Suntreck.

Jolly Stones' Locker

Dungeon(s): Fast Floater, Underlocker, Ganon Avenger.

Fairy World

Dungeon(s): Fairy Jail, Fairy Skycastle.


Dungeon(s): Temple of Distortioum, Distorted Sun.

Dusk Ruin

Dungeon(s): Code Mystery.

Shadow Fairy World

Dungeon(s): Shadow Fairy Skycastle.

Main Quest

  • Part I: Exploring Islands - Link should search for Zelda who has been kidnapped by one of Mirrage's Minnions in Cursed Island with Haunted Palace, Shiny Island with a huge cave Shine Rock, then in the Islatreck with Treck Ruins.
  • Part II: Ganondorf to the Past - Link should go back in the past to find one of Den Sari's Evil Minnions - Ganondorf in Cursed Cavern, Pastratos, Ancient Base.
  • Part III: Secret of a Pirate - Link travels to present and Should Look for Mirrage's Minnions - Ganondorf and Jolly Stones. They are in the Jolly Stones' Locker, a place which is only reachable by Jolly Stones himself. There is also his ship Fast Floater.
  • Part IV: Criminal of Fairy World and Way to Distortioum - Link looks for the way to Distortian Guard Dister, he must search through Fairy World and Catch danngeous Criminal "Hort Lasa".
  • Part V: Fairy Skycastle, Fighting Ganondorf, Underlocker, Fighting Ganon - Link should look for Ganondorf in Fairy Skycastle.
  • Part VI: Mirrage Millenium - Link goes to find Triforce, the ancient power triangles.
  • Part VII: Sunny Places - Link should explore Sunny Dungeons in Islands and in the Distortioum to reach to misterious Shadow Fairy World.
  • Part VIII (Final Part): Shadow Fairy World - Link explores dark version of Fairy World.

Second Quest


Boss Rush Quest Mode

Dungeon Rush Quest Mode

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