The Legend of Zelda: Tower of Curses is an upcoming Legend of Zelda game, this game is during the time Link is Young Link. The game is mostly in the sky connecting to many towers, as the ground is concealed in fog after the Awakening.



Young Link is riding on a horse through the green grass as the nice blue sky shines down on them. The ground begins to rumble and the horse jumps up on two hooves, throwing Link backwards. Link lands on his butt and his horse flees, as a cracking sound begins to form. The ground begins to crack open in little pieces, as the sky darkens and red light seeps from the cracks. Fog begins to leak from the cracks, and surround Link. Pieces of the fog begin to shape into hands and start to grab Link, dragging him into the fog.

It then cuts to a skeletal horse running through the fog, it comes to an abrupt stop and a person, concealed in massive armor, leaps down, carrying a torch with a purple flame. He holds the lanterns up and looks up as he sees many tall towers, all colored purple.


Boss Description
A large mass of darkness with a pure-white eyeball in the middle of it. Iyuon will move from wall to wall and reach out towards Link with massive hands of darkness.
Scrodrion A giant poisonois spider which swings around the tower on a web. Scrodrion also has the ability to sprout wings and launch out poisonous darts from its mouth.

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