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The Legend of Zelda: Titans Seal is the nineteenth installment in the franchise, and one of four installments on the Wii U including original games and main series remakes. The game is set to be released in early 2016 for all regions and is being developed by Amuza.

The story follows Link on an epic quest to save Hyrule from Ganondorf's successor, Cyn, who is attempting to make the Hyrulean race become extinct and free Ganondorf from his hundred year long imprisonment.




The Hundred Year Echos

Hyrule is living through a hundred year age of light, uninterrupted by the forces of a dark evil. Princess Zelda and Impa ride into Ordona on horseback looking to find new warriors for the Hyrule Imperial Guard. However, unknown to the public, Zelda and Impa are actually looking across Hyrule for the hero of the land who will stop Ganondorf's successor. They run a training session for the Ordonian people, and initially don't find the hero they hoped they were looking for. Later after the training session, Link is tasked with giving Zelda the Ordon Bracelets, a gift to the royalty for taking their time to come to Ordona and train their people. Link and Zelda's eyes lock and Zelda immediately recognizes the eyes as being the same as the Hero of Time's.

Zelda explains to Link the current situation with the rise of Ganondorf's successor, Cyn, in the Gerudo Desert and his plans to free Ganondorf and wipe out the Hyrulean race. Zelda also gives Link the Hero's Tunic, the same one worn by the Hero of Time. Impa then takes Link to the Lost Woods and tells him that if he wishes to find his true self he must search inside the Lost Woods for it.

Link braves himself for his future adventure and wanders into the Lost Woods. Inside he traverses the woods attempting to figure out where he is going. After a while inside the woods, Link comes across the Temple of Time where he finds the Hero of Time's grave. The spirit of the Hero of Time enters Link's mind and he explains to Link the lore of the Gerudo and the quest he is about to embark on. Before leaving, the Hero of Time tells Link to grab the Master Sword and leave the Lost Woods. On the way out, Link however gets lost and the area acts as the first dungeon of the game. Inside the Lost Woods, Link finds the Fairy's Bow and comes across the Skullcinser, a large ___ created by the Skull Kid's to terrorize anyone in the Lost Woods and scare them away. The Skull Kids roll the Skullcinser in the hopes for it to squash him. Link makes a mad dashing escape and eventually finds the exit to the woods, saving himself from the Skullcinser.

Call of the Titans

End of a Generation


The game plays very similar to previous Legend of Zelda installments, mixing puzzles, action, adventure, battlling, and exploration. The player playing as Link or Linkle and traversing a large overworld completing missions and exploring dungeons across the world to further the story.

The player also has host to a number of items that they can collect from dungeons. Each item can help solve puzzles and get the player through the story. Unlike previous installments, items are capitialized on throughout majority of the game rather than being stuck to a single dungeon. Items are also able to be used simultaneously or merged together to create a new purpose. For example, the player can combine the Bombs and the Slingshot to sling bombs into far off places.


Main Characters

Image Name Description
Link SSB4 Link Link is the main playable character when Male gender is chosen. He is the wielder of the Triforce of Courage and the one destined to save the land of Hyrule from the evil forces upon it.
HWL Linkle Crossbow Linkle Linkle is the main playable character when Female gender is chosen. She is the wielder of the Triforce of Courage and the one destined to save the land of Hyrule from the evil forces upon it.
Princess Zelda Zelda is the next royal to rule Hyrule after her father. Although young, she is full of wisdom and knowledge. Princess Zelda acts as Link's mentor, teaching him on Hyrulean and Gerudo lore and the art of being a warrior. For majority of the story she watches events unfold from Hyrule Castle Town protecting the Hyrulean people from Cyn.
TBA Cyn Cyn is the main antagonist of the game. He is the successor to Ganondorf, as Gerudo legend foretold a man would be born every hundred years. Cyn tries to restore Ganondorf to former glory by saving him from his imprisonment, whilst at the same time making the Hyrulean race extinct for their mistreatment of the Gerudo race.
Ganondorf (SSB 3DS & Wii U)
 Ganondorf  Ganondorf plays a minor role in the game, being used mainly as a catalyst for Cyn's antagonizing ways. Ganondorf is only seen towards the end of the game when Cyn is attempting to save him from his imprisonment behind the Goddess Seal from Ocarina of Time.
Hyrule Warriors Impa Longsword Artwork
Impa Impa acts as Princess Zelda's guardian and the Commanding Officer of the Hyrule Imperial Guard. Impa leads the group to stopping the Gerudo race from wiping out the Hyrulean race.

Supporting Characters


  • Hyrule Field
  • Hyrule Castle Town
  • Faron Woods
    • Ordona
      • Link/Linkle's House
      • Ordon Shop
      • Miriam's Loft
      • Ordon Waterwheels
    • Faron Woods Swamp
    • Lost Woods
      • Temple of Time
      • Hero of Time's Graveyard
  • Death Mountain
  • Snowpeak
  • Zora's Domain
    • Zora Ocean
  • Gerudo Desert


Dungeons are large temple-like structures that the playable character traverses through, typically to acquire a prized item. Inside the dungeons, there are treasures to collect, enemies to overcome and puzzles to be solved. Below is a list of dungeons in the game;

  • Lost Woods
  • Death Tunnels
  • Palace of Winds
  • Forest Temple
  • Ice Temple
  • Ocean Temple
  • Fire Temple
  • Gerudo Temple


Image Name Description
OoT Fairy Bow Fairy's Bow Allows Link to shoot arrows at a far away target. The Fairy's Bow is found within the Lost Woods.
ZeldaBombs Bombs Link can throw or place bombs around Hyrule. The bombs can explode weak structures or injure enemies caught in the blast.
Spinner Gerudo Spinner Link can hop ontop and spin around ontop of the Gerudo Spinner. The spinner can latches onto rails and can activate certain switches.
Clawshot Dual Clawshots The Clawshots will hook onto a target around Hyrule and pull Link towards that target, allowing him to reach places he couldn't previously.
Mogma Mitts Steel Mitts Steel Mitts can dig into soft soil finding hidden objects and allow Link to burrow into underground tunnels.
MegatonHammer Megaton Hammer Crafted from the finest steel of Hyrule, the Megaton Hammer can break large objects and activate certain switches.


On the canonical timeline, The Legend of Zelda: Titans Seal takes place on the Child Era, exactly one-hundred years after Ocarina of Time, meaning sometime inbetween Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess.

This is certain as the Gerudo legend states every hundred years, a man would be born, and destined to be king. The Gerudo people talk about Cyn as if he was the next male born after Ganondorf, calling him his successor, and the tale of Ganondorf's reign being remembered by the elderly Gerudo.


  • The game as a much similar tone as Majora's Mask, with the use of heavy themes such as acceptance and self-worth. The story is also notably much less lighthearted, with the main villain's mission being to kill all the Hyruleans.
  • The Titans of the game are considered to be the Hyrule version of Termina's Four Giants.
  • Cyn's name is pronounced as sin, which reflects his personality and actions throughout the game.
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