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The Legend of Zelda: Titans Seal is the nineteenth installment in the franchise, and one of four installments on the Wii U including original games and main series remakes. The game is set to be released in early 2016 for all regions and is being developed by Amuza.

The story follows Link on an epic quest to save Hyrule from Ganondorf's successor, Cyn. According to legend, every hundred years a new Gerudo male is born, and the new male has risen the Gerudo race. After being in hiding for a century, the Gerudo race is out to overthrow the Hylian monarchy and raise the status of their race.




The Hundred Year Echos

Hyrule is living through a hundred year age of light, uninterrupted by the forces of a dark evil. Princess Zelda and Impa ride into Diyon Island on horseback looking to find new warriors for the Hyrule Imperial Guard. However, unknown to the public, Zelda and Impa are actually looking across Hyrule for the reincarnation of the hero of the land. They run a training session for the Diyonian people, and soon find who they are looking for. Afterwards, Link is called upon to give an offering to Zelda as thanks for visiting the village, and offers her the Great One's Call.

Zelda opens up to Link about her true reasoning for coming to Diyon Island, and tells Link that he may be the hero of the land who can stop the rise of the Gerudo race. Zelda refuses to take the Great One's Call and gives it to Link. Zelda tells him if he is ever lost and needs help to use the Great One's Call. Impa then takes Link to the Monank Forest and tells him to go inside and find himself.

Link braves himself for his future adventure and wanders into the Monank Forest. As he traverses through the forest, he comes across a large ruins and a grave. Link speaks to the spirit within the grave and learns about the history of Hyrule and his destiny. To save the land from Cyn, Link needs to collect the three Relic Rings to harness the power of the ancient tribes; Deku, Goron and Zora. From there he will be able to enter the Four Fabled Fortress and awaken the Titans of Hyrule. Link makes his way out of the Monank Forest but gets lost. He uses the Great One's Call, yet nothing happens, until a strange creature comes crash landing onto Link. The creature introduces herself as Oolla, and says that she was trying to learn to fly when she heard the call and got distracted, crash landing on the ground. Oolla tries to fly back up to her homeland but can't make the journey. She asks Link to help her, and in return she can tell Link anything he wants to know, as long as he calls for her.

Oolla directs Link out of the Lost Woods and he finds Impa at the exit. Impa takes Link to Hyrule Castle where they encounter the height of the Imperial Guard forces and the unease in the town over the impending war. Link and Impa meet with the Hyrule King, who points Link to the direction of the Relic Rings, each hidden in the Lost Woods, Death Mountain and Snowpeak. Before he leaves, the Hyrule King gives Link the Golden Chrysalis, an instrument that will open the chambers where the Relic Rings reside.

On his way to the Lost Woods, Link comes across the Monank, a race of intelligent ape creatures. They help Link navigate to their village, Twin Bridge, where an entrance to the Lost Woods lies. Link enters the Lost Woods and navigates his way through the maze-like area to come across the Great One's Haven. Inside he acquires the Great Bow which opens a pathway to the Relic Chamber. Link acquires the Deku Ring which grants him the powers of the Deku and wind. As Link makes his way out of the haven, a mysterious creature blocks the exit. Link tracks it down and defeats the creature, Skghoma.

In Eldin, Link braces the rocky terrain to reach the Goron Tribes. Travelling to a number of the tribes reveals that due to their differences, the Goron race has seperated itself into a number of different smaller tribes, and the Goron City has since been long abandoned, and with it the passage to Mount Din. Link speaks with many Goron refugees and ancient tablets to locate Goron City, and finds it settled by a group of Zora who have flooded the chamber and use it as a Hot Spring. Link eventually finds the passage to Mount Din and heads inside where he locates the Heaven's Scepter, that allows Link to create traversable beams of light, and soon after the Goron Ring. After acquring the Relic Ring, seismic activity within the mountain disturbs the lava and blocks the exit. Link attempts to make his way out of Mount Din through the hole in the top. As he scales the inside of the volcano, he encounters Cicero, Din's Guardian Angel. After defeating the beast, Link slides his way down Mount Din, avoiding lava as an volcanic eruption occurs.

Zora's Domain proves to be a challenge for Link as the place is inaccessible to anyone other than a Zora. Link convinces a Zora to allow him to enter by helping him out, and Link searches around for the area for somewhere the Relic Ring could be hidden. Once solving the Zora's misleading advice, Link comes across the Arms & Armour Palace, where he uncovers the Bomb Bag and the Zora Ring. After acquring the Zora Ring, the Gerudo forces ambush the Arms & Armour Palace, destroying it and causing the palace to flood with water. Link navigates through the flooded palace and finds the commander of the troops, Suratiru Ma. Link tracks her down and defeats her, making the rest of the Gerudo forces retreat from their ambush.

Call of the Titans

With the three Relic Rings now in tow, Link heads back to Hyrule Castle, and speaks with Zelda and Impa about the location of the Four Fabled Fortress. Whilst the location is long forgotten, few know of a song that has powers able to locate the fortress. Zelda teaches Link the tune known as the Ballad for the Titans, and he uses the Golden Chrysalis and the tune to locate the Four Fabled Fortress. Inside Link collects the Clawshots and defeats the monsters known as Fera, Fura and Fara. Link enters a Titan Chamber where large murals of the four Titans reside, and an ancient tablet that speaks of waking up the Titans to place an impenetrable seal on any force. The resting place of the four Titans is inscrolled on the tablet, as well as a Titan Chrysalis with the power to awaken the resting Titans.

End of a Generation


The game plays very similar to previous Legend of Zelda installments, mixing puzzles, action, adventure, battlling, and exploration. The player traverses a large overworld completing missions and exploring dungeons across the world to further the story. The game takes pages from Breath of the Wild's open world exploring, and features a similar overworld to the aforementioned game.

The Golden Chrysalis is an instrument within the game that can play numerous songs that can affect the world. It is modelled after the chrysalis instrument, and is a handheld version of it featuring a spinning wheel with strings that are attached to an inner circle. Many of the soundtracks songs predominately feature a chrysalis playing the melody also.

Relic Powers

One of the new gameplay features is the ability to harness the powers of the Deku, Goron and Zora races, similar to the mask transformations from Majora's Mask. Link gains these powers through the three Relic Rings collected from the first three dungeons of the game. Unlike the mask transformations, Link's abilities are not disabled when using the relic powers, and can be used instantly at anytime.

  • The Deku Ring allows Link to create large gusts of wind that can be used to interact with the environment, stun enemies, or even allow Link to propel himself up into the air.
  • The Goron Ring allows Link to travel up tough terrains such as steep inclines or through quicksand in a much faster manner than previously available. He can also pick up heavy objects such as large rocks.
  • The Zora Ring allows Link to swim through water and up waterfalls. It can also be used to walk ontop of freshwater and some areas of seawater, as well as being able to drop to the bottom of shallow water and walk on the lakebed.

Item Combination

The player also has host to a number of items that they can collect from dungeons. Each item can help solve puzzles and get the player through the story. Unlike previous installments, items are capitialized on throughout majority of the game rather than being stuck to a single dungeon. Items are also able to be used simultaneously or merged together to create a new purpose. For example, the player can combine the Bombs and the Slingshot to sling bombs into far off places.


Main Characters

Image Name Description
Link SSB4 Link

Link sets off on the journey to defeat Cyn and the Gerudo forces as they try to overthrow the Hyrule monarchy. He is the wielder of the Triforce of Courage and the one destined to save the land of Hyrule from the evil forces upon it. Link travels across all of Hyrule to collect the three Relic Rings which will allow him to harness the power's of the ancient tribes; the Deku, Goron and Zora. The Relic Rings allow Link to ascend the Four Fabled Fortress and acquire the Titan Chrysalis which can awaken the four Titans of Hyrule and seal Cyn behind Titan Seal.

TBA Oolla

Oolla serves as Link's companion in his quest to save Hyrule and defeat Cyn and the Gerudo forces. Oolla stems from an ancient race of sky beings who were highly intelligent and speak numerous different languages. She is bird-like in appearance with a very large head and bright orange feathers that are said to a blessing from the gods. Oolla's intelligence translates into her wide knowledge of everything in Hyrule. She fell from the sky one day and was never able to fly herself back up to her home.

Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda is a member of the Hyrule royal family, and heir to the throne of Hyrule after her father. She possesses the Triforce of Wisdom and mentors Link on his outset to defeat Cyn. Zelda, knowing of the impending Civil War due to the rise of the Gerudo forces, has been travelling across Hyrule in search of the Hero of Legend.

TBA Cyn Cyn is the main antagonist of the game. He is the successor to Ganondorf, as Gerudo legend foretold a man would be born every hundred years. Cyn tries to restore Ganondorf to former glory by saving him from his imprisonment, whilst at the same time making the Hyrulean race extinct for their mistreatment of the Gerudo race.
Hyrule Warriors Impa Longsword Artwork
Impa Impa acts as Princess Zelda's guardian and the Commanding Officer of the Hyrule Imperial Guard. Impa leads the group to stopping the Gerudo race from overthrowing the Hyrule monarchy.

Supporting Characters

  • King of Hyrule
  • The Four Titans
  • Seven Maidens


  • Skghoma, the Undead Arthropod
  • Cicero, Din's Guardian Angel
  • Suratiru Ma, the Gerudo Commander



Dungeons are large structures in which the character has to traverse through to progress the story. A dungeon mainly consists of puzzle-solving but there are also treasures to collect, enemies to overcome, and a piece of equipment that Link can use throughout the game. Typically at the end of a temple is a prized item that the hero needs, or a Titan that the hero needs to awaken to form the titular Titans Seal that will be used to lock Cyn away for good. Sometimes, the purpose of a dungeon is different, such as the Four Fabled Fortress which is designed to be completed so that the Gerudo Forces will be weakened. The list of main story dungeons in the game are as follows.

  • Great One's Haven
  • Inside Mount Din
  • Arms & Armour Palace
  • Four Fabled Fortress
  • Earth Temple
  • Air Temple
  • Ice Temple
  • Sand Temple
  • Titan's Sanctuary


Greater Hyrule

  • Hyrule Field
  • Hyrule Castle Town
    • Hyrule Castle
    • Hyrule Castle North
  • Zora River North
    • Zora Ocean
    • Zora's Domain
    • Lake Floria
    • Floria Channels
    • Floria Bridge
    • Cliffs of Phasi
  • Jala Coastline
    • Jala-Jala Marina
    • Broken Pier


  • Faron Woods
  • Cliffs Edge Ridge
  • The Sanctuary
  • Forest Training Facility
  • Monank Forest
    • Great Grave
    • Twin Bridge
  • Lost Woods
    • Great One's Haven 
  • The Diyon Walls
  • Diyon Island
    • Link's House
    • Ordon Shop
    • Miriam's Loft
    • Ordon Waterwheels 


  • The Goron Tribe Lands
    • Gorokno
    • Unogor
    • Donogono
    • KyGoroni
    • Fayago
    • Goron City
  • Mount Din
    • Bridge of Din
  • Death Mountain
    • Kakariko Village
    • Death Mountain Summit
    • Goron Mines
  • Bridge of Eldin
  • Zora River East
    • Hot Springs
    • Highland Falls


The Badlands

  • Gerudo Desert
  • Gerudo Highlands
  • Desert of Doubt
    • Zuna Plains
    • Zuna Village


Image Name Description
TBA Golden Chrysalis An instrument that was said to be played at the Banquets of the Titans. It was heralded by the Hyrule King, knowing it's power would be unstoppable if put in the wrong hands. It can open the Relic Chambers and awaken the four Titans of Hyrule.
OoT Fairy Bow Great Bow

Allows Link to shoot arrows at a far away target. They can activate switches, stun enemies and interact with the world in many other ways. The Great Bow is found within the Lost Woods.

Dominion Rod Move Heaven's Scepter Shoots a large beam of light that Link can traverse through, as well as interacting with the world through numerous ways such as lighting up passages and activating switches. The Heaven's Scepter is found Inside Mount Din.
ZeldaBombs Bombs Creates a large explosion after being set by Link. They have a timer which lasts a couple seconds, and will flash red and pulsate before exploding. Bombs can be carried and contained by Link with the Bomb Bag that is found within the Arms & Armour Palace.
Clawshot Clawshots Large claws attached to a chain. They can be shot a far distance and grab onto numerous different terrains to pull Link to the target. This allows him to cross chasms and reach previously unexplorable terrain. It is found within the Four Fabled Fortress.
TSMagic Cape Magic Cape The Magic Cape is an item that can transform Link invisible for a limited amount of time to bypass terrain. When invisible, Link cannot be seen by some enemies and can sneak attack them or avoid them completely. It can also be used on NPCs or objects. It is found in the Earth Temple.

Timeline placement

On the canonical timeline, The Legend of Zelda: Titans Seal takes place on the Child Era, exactly one hundred years after Twilight Princess when Ganondorf was executed by the Hero of Light.

The Gerudo legend foretold that every hundred years, a Gerudo male would be born. Cyn is the next Gerudo male after Ganondorf. The race went into hiding in the desert over fear of being hunted down for their crimes under the name of Ganondorf. Cyn reignited the Gerudo power and sent them on a mission to overthrow the Hylian monarchy.

Many instances of evolution between Twilight Princess can be seen throughout the game. For example, the monkey race residing in Faron Woods have evolved into intelligent beings known as the Monank.

There are also many references to Four Swords Adventures which canonically took place after Twilight Princess but before Titans Seal. For example the Seven Maiden side-quest which opens up The Sanctuary introduces the Maiden's and implied Four Sword Sanctuary in the form of The Sanctuary.


  • The Titans of the game are considered to be the Hyrule version of Termina's Four Giants.
  • It is highly theorised that the spirit within the Great One's Pendant is the spirit of the since dead Great Deku Tree.
  • Many of the main story temples are open to the player at a single time. This opportunity to explore any temple occurs in two different groups.
    • Great One's Haven, Inside Mount Din and Arms & Armour Palace can be explored in any order.
    • Earth Temple, Air Temple, Ice Temple and the Sand Temple can be explored in any order.
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