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The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Hero
Developer(s) Nintendo and Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Pyrohedron
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Series The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Hero is a Zelda game developed by Pyro Enterprises as an attempt to "mix up the formula" and change past elements of the gameplay and story. The game's story is focused around playing with the timeline that had been previously explored in the spinoff title Hyrule Warriors, and features a wider-than-normal cast of playable characters, focusing on longtime series character Zelda.


I assume you know full well of the curse of the Golden Goddesses. The three bearers of the Triforce, you and I included, are destined to reincarnate on an endless cycle for all eternity... Mindlessly slaughtering each other over and over again, for the simple sake of keeping the Triforce in "balance". Fools. If the Triforce were in balance, do you think we'd be forced into combat on a scale this vast across millennia?! No... Zelda, you are like a daughter to me... I could never bring myself to harm you. Know that while you rest, I, Ganondorf, leader of the Gerudo, vow to nip this infernal curse in the bud before it ever has the chance to bloom!
Ganondorf, speaking to a young Zelda

The story begins inside a large library, mostly empty save one large man with dark skin in orange and white clothes, reading a book to himself. He closes it, revealing the Hylian Crest emblazoned on the front cover, before putting it back onto the shelf and turning around, speaking to an older man in royal-looking garb. The two begin talking, revealing their identifies- Ganondorf and King Arlan Daphneson Hyrule- and their tone of speech implies that they seem to be good friends.


Gameplay in The Lost Hero is primarily par for the course for a 3D Zelda game and possesses similar qualities to that of Skyward Sword (without motion controls), though the Magic Meter from Wind Waker and other 2D games returns. The primary difference in terms of how the game plays out is inspired slightly by Majora's Mask; there are multiple characters that can be played, each with their own unique abilities to aid in puzzle solving and exploration, as well as unique dungeons to travel through.

This characters can be switched between at will via the ancient Hylian relic known as the Soul Compass, said to locate purehearted souls instead of simply pointing to the north. Once unlocked, the Soul Compass can be used to switch between all characters on the fly, though it is inaccessible in some regions or segments of gameplay. Characters can usually interact with each other if they meet up with one another in the overworld, and some larger secret dungeons, known as Labyrinths, require the combined effort of two or more characters.



  • Zelda: Born the heiress to the royal family of Hyrule and bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom, she was given to the Sheikah clan at a young age by her godfather Ganondorf after the latter's seizure of the Triforce of Courage and overthrowing of the Hylian royal family. Raised as a Sheikah assassin and priestess, Zelda is aware of her past as princess, choosing to disregard it as she agrees with Ganondorf's view of the Triforce cycle as a method of endless conflict. However, when the imbalanced Triforce results in the fabric of Hyrule's reality collapsing, and the chaos being known as Va;ati begins to escape, she sets off to do what she must to help return balance to the land.


  • King Ganondorf Dragmire: A Gerudo warrior-king with former allegiance to the Hylian royal family, godfather to Zelda, and bearer of the Triforce of Power. Ganondorf, after years of study, came to realize that his fate was tied to the Triforce's endless cycle of reincarnation, a cycle that would bring endless war to Hyrule throughout multiple timelines. In a desperate attempt to save the land from this divine cycle, he tracked down the bearer of the Triforce of Courage and killed them, taking it in an attempt to prevent a new bearer from starting the cycle again. Overthrowing his former allies in the family that considered them, Ganondorf took over the country in a bloodless coup, and now rules the land as a benevolent ruler truly sorry for the actions that, in his mind, he had to perform to save the world; as such, many call him the "Weeping Warlord" or a similar name.

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